April 1, 2020




Chicken Smoothie is now the Smoooooth. We've got a few pets ^^

We went shopping and there were three different exit puzzles and as my mom and i couldn't agree which one to get we got both. I prefer the dragony one because there are a lot things on it. On the other one too but that one was a bit too green for my taste. My mothers argument was "i would take this one because then Maximilian can search for the butterflies" (he's 2 1/2 y.o.).

I could play ACNH around tarantula time. Ohs was there in Sindys garden. Now you can farm a ton of eggs to craft easter items and then you'll get a reward if you have all. But you have to get the recipes too.

Then I got stung by a tarantula because i didn't really see it through the palm trees and thought it was a rare bug (sure, these are rare...)

I've set up two crafting stations on the island, one on the beach and one behind the shop. Let's see what she says about it when she finds out.


Written by Plesi`

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