Dec. 17, 2020

Played A Game For First Time In Forever

7:57 AM (of Friday, December 18th 2020)

After the recent productive days I've been having lately, today has been one of my least productive days. Just yesterday (Wednesday) I only spent 2 hours doing unproductive activities, while today I spent over 5 hours. I don't know why, I just felt a little bored I guess. This is what I spent my time on today:

  • Work 8:34
  • Work Tasks 8:34
  • Physical 0:48
  • Beat Saber 0:48
  • Intermediary 7:14
  • Sleeping 7:12
  • Pooping 0:02
  • Organization 0:21
  • Journal 0:17
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • School 0:36
  • Homework 0:36
  • Productive 0:51
  • CW 0:51
  • Unproductive 5:36
  • Browsing 2:49
  • Gaming 0:52
  • Adult 0:34
  • Manga 1:21

It was a mostly alright day. I woke up at around 6:30 AM, and then I worked on productive things that morning such as my CW project, which I have a deadline for launching. I want to launch it in 2020, just so its birthdate is memorable. Maybe December 22nd would be a nice day to launch? 12/22/2020, because it has a lot of 2s, or maybe 12/20/2020? Because then it has a lot of 20s. What I worked on this morning was trying to scrape for logos on this one site. I was able to scrape the information I wanted, but not the logos, because there was nothing that lead to the logos and it didn't show up in the scraping text either. This part is frustrating. This is probably why I didn't work on the project any more after work.

Work was very lazy. I just worked on a few tasks here and there, but overall I wasn't that productive. I felt lazy and unwilling. I've spent the previous few days working diligently on some hard tasks but today I felt so unmotivated. Maybe it's burnout? Maybe I should take a few days off? I have no idea if it's burnout or not, because I don't think I'm that productive to begin with, from my point of view. Anyway I have 7 days of vacation left this year. I might use it, or I could let it carry on to next year. Unless I'm going to be doing something great those days, I don't think I should use it, and let the rest carry to next year.

After work I browsed the Internet for a while. I watched some cartoons, read some manga, watched some adult videos, played some Beat Saber. I watched an episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos for fun because it's been a while since I saw it. There was a scene in the episode when he was either in New York or L.A. and there was a helicopter view of him driving through a freeway. There were barely any cars on the road! Man if it's anything like today, it would be filled with traffic nearly 24/7. The roads were basically deserted.

I visited the site at some point and there were 16 bundles on the site. Wow! I checked out a few of them, and two of them caught my attention. The Royalty Free Music bundle is one I want, and the other which I bought, was the Quebec Games Humble Bundle, because I saw the trailer for one of the games. Epic Manager, and thought it would be fun to play. I bought the bundle for $10, and then I played Epic Manager. This was not a fun game. I thought it would be more about managing and such, but no, it was basically Final Fantasy but with less story. During combat, it has that same Final Fantasy battle formula where you have 4 options, and can control each character to make an action in their turn. I thought this was a manager game not a Final Fantasy game? Anyway I uninstalled it after 3-4 battles and seeing how boring and repetitive they were. All I did was "Attack" on all my turns, but it was annoynig having to click each move and then click on an opponent to target, I had to do this like 10-50 times a battle. I left a bad review of the game too on Steam.

After that I worked on my math homework, which wasn't that hard. And then I fell asleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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