Dec. 18, 2020

Chill Friday, How Come There Are No Leonardo Da Vincis?

8:35 AM (of Monday, December 21st 2020)

Today is Friday, December 18th 2020 and UGH. I could have done so much today, but I didn't. I didn't! This is what my schedule looked like today, and today went by so fast:

  • Work 8:25
  • Work Tasks 8:25
  • Intermediary 7:52
  • Preparing Food 0:09
  • Eating 0:31
  • Sleeping 7:10
  • Pooping 0:02
  • Organization 1:08
  • Journal 0:25
  • Finances 0:39
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • Unproductive 6:40
  • Browsing 1:30
  • Gaming 5:10

Work was normal. I had a bunch of revisions to work on, so I worked on those. I got an alright amount of work done, not that much I guess. I did what I could.

After work I just played games and browsed the Internet. I looked through Steam and there were a bazillion games online. I remember back when had a list of games, and it was such a limited amount that I had played or heard of every single game on that list. It was like a list of 50 games, and those were ALL the mmorpgs at the time. Now there's thousands. LITERALLY thousands of MMORPGs. They have gotten insanely popular as a way to spend time.

What the heck were people doing back in 2004? I was playing MMORPGs back then. What were other people doing? Seriously? I think they were mainly doing offline gaming. But what about the year 1904 before the Internet? Before video games? What did people do back then?

If we go back to the 1400s, I wonder why there was only one such legendary man such as Leonardo Da Vinci. How come there weren't more of him? What the heck were people doing during such a boring era where there was "nothing to do" (in comparison to today's time)? I understand why we won't have Leonardo Da Vinci's in our time period, and that's because of all the massive amounts of entertainment and distraction. But in 1400s? There was nothing going on! Same with the year 800 and the year 500. How come there weren't any Leonardo Da Vinci's of those eras?

Anyway that was my day today!

Written by JustMegawatt

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