Dec. 21, 2020

now we're thinking with portals

HGR and I were discussing the copotypes of our static's dps. numbers is obviously an apocalypse dps, jumping off the edge. Luis is a superstar dps (too busy being a superstar to revive people). newbie's the boring dps, and I'm the sorry dps.

After a month-and-a-half hiatus, we are BACK TO RAIDING and also Eden's Verse is no longer current content because the new patch dropped at the start of December. Incidentally, the Eden's Promise plot is pretty bad. It's just a stale rehash of the themes of Shadowbringers without any of the character work that made Shadowbringers so incredible. can mortal lives truly have meaning blah blah blah nobody cares about your dumb coffee biscuits

But anyway, we're still mired in Eden's Verse. On Saturday we began Eden 7 Savage: Iconoclasm. A giant flock of homicidal birds is the goofiest concept for a boss. I think there was some plot justification for this but I can't recall it. Also gfbbbbb Elidibus. (We started Seat of Sacrifice on our last raid session before our hiatus, based on Luis' assertion that we could easily clear it in one session. We did NOT clear. To be fair, we were running it at min ilvl, which he didn't account for. In any case, we've ditched that fight for now.)

E7S is all about spatial skills, which concerns me because I have none; but so far it's been manageable. For portals, I just do what everyone else is doing. For voidgates—this one's not just me, everyone agrees these things are jank. Jank mechanics call for jank solutions. HGR came up with a reliable strat: First, position yourself so that you're aligned either horizontally or vertically with the location to which you want to teleport. Then just try all four cardinals until one works.

We had planned a double raid weekend, but Silver overslept two hours on Sunday, you know how it is. And Kan had left by the time he woke up. So instead we played Fake Artist Goes to New York, which is basically a cross between pictionary and that one spy game. We got to see HGR's iconic one-line drawing of Char Aznable and his Gundam for the prompt "chameleon." Then the next prompt was Albert Wesker and HGR reused the exact same drawing (it works because he has sunglasses! and it doesn't give any info to the faker!).

Meanwhile, Kan got online with pubs and beat E10S. He parsed purple. Good job, Kan.

Heat schedule (WIP):

  • opener [wildfire]
  • just stand in place until you build 50 heat. respect your cooldowns though. it goes like this: queen, 1, 5, 4, hypercharge. afterwards, be ready to MOVE for first portals.
  • after voidgates, when stacked in middle [wildfire]
  • and a second hypercharge immediately after (this one's dicey because I'm sometimes short 5-10 heat, and the timing is tight)

Written by Achaius

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