April 2, 2020

Oh Pickle Pickle~

Day 11 in my quarancation where I did minimum work out cause I was using my time to catch up on my blog posts that I have missed. I find it a problem for me where I try to write following the day but then I end up posting past the day which then throws off the timing of the log and everything's just in chaos right now.. But now I finally caught up and have at least from day 7 to day 9. I'll just have to make day 10 and 11 tomorrow I guess.

Today was, somewhat eventful. I got to better sync my OneNotes and Habitica. Also I got to fix my financial logs from the manual excel I make to each bank account and the app i'm using to help my daily tracking. Also I got to drive my car a little bit again, just to warm it up and get the wheels rolling for awhile. I didn't get to cook but I helped prep. Also I scheduled a game date with Hippo for tomorrow. So I gotta manage my time real well tomorrow if I wanna have enough time for a game date~ Probably gonna need to try to do my work out early in the morning before prepping breakfast. So that during the afternoon I'd have more time? Hahaha We'll see~

Quarancation is almost over and next Monday I'd have to start working again. I need to really fix this timing of mine to still squeeze in a work out before getting ready for work~ I really don't wanna lose this momentum. Also, I wonder if I'll even be able to get to work. I live in a different city from my office and where my office is, the governor wants to issue a lock down preventing outsiders to come in, and its people to go out. If this pulls through, I might not be able to get to the office at all.. pickle pickle~

And OMG i just realized that I have to apply in person for this stupid electronic pin thing to be eligible to report my taxes. So absurd. Damn damn~ I gotta do this tomorrow I guess?

Written by shaiduck

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