Dec. 22, 2020

Walked Outside, Sang While Playing Beat Saber For First Time

12:15 AM (of Thursday, December 24th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, December 22nd 2020 and it's the first day in a while that I went outside. When was the last time I went outside? Over a month ago? I don't even remember. Morning was fairly normal, I updated the previous days' journal entries, and then work started.

This is what my timelog schedule looked like today:

  • Work 8:25
  • Work Tasks 8:25
  • Physical 1:58
  • Beat Saber 1:33
  • Walking 0:25
  • Intermediary 6:35
  • Sleeping 6:33
  • Pooping 0:02
  • Organization 1:33
  • Journal 1:33
  • Productive 0:27
  • CW 0:27
  • Unproductive 4:39
  • Browsing 2:04
  • Gameplay Videos 1:36
  • Adult 0:59
  • Social Media 1:03
  • Discord 0:52
  • Habitica 0:11

I screwed up somewhere and this actually goes a bit over 24 hours. I don't know where the excess time is though, so I'll just leave it.

I'm not getting as much sleep as I should...

Work was a fairly normal day. I worked on some items here and then a co-worker me he was taking off the rest of the year. I told him I had 7 days of vacation time left and he reminded me that only 5 days carry over, so I should use up at least 2 days. After that I asked my boss if I could take off tomorrow (Wednesday the 23rd) and Wednesday next week (the 30th), but I didn't get any reply. I think he took vacation already. So I didn't get a formal approval but I ended up marking tomorrow the 23rd and the 30th as days off for me and I'll take off tomorrow.... I got some plans...

After work, it got dark pretty quickly at a bit after 5 PM. I watched the rest of the 9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors playthrough videos and was so disappointed in the ending. The ending is extremely confusing and has contains paradoxes. I'll just spoil it here since no one cares anyway so I can give my thoughts on it. Basically the mastermind behind the whole life and death game the main characters were forced to play, was the female childhood friend of the main character, who 9 years ago was in the same life or death situation. Some of the other characters including her sibling, saw her die 9 years ago, literally dead. But here she was, one of the main characters in the story that you can talk to and everything, even though she apparently died already and is not a ghost.

So how does this character exist here? Here's the confusing part. The her from 9 years ago died, but it took place in an alternate universe, so it didn't apply to this one. But wtf, all the characters have memories of her dying 9 years ago. Anyway, you as the main character have a telepathic communication with the past version of her in this dimension, and you save her life by giving her advice, which is how she managed to survive and become one of the main characters in this dimension. The paradox is that, the characters have memories of her from 9 years ago literally dying, but then she's right there... wtf.... That was a bad ending with a lot of plotholes.

After that I was so bored, I went outside for a walk, I walked around the perimeter of my neighborhood which took longer and was a farther distance than just walking inside of it.

I came back home, played some beat saber, and sang for the first time while playing. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. This game has barely any songs with lyrics, but it was a good thing the Imagine Dragons playlist had some good motivating song lyrics, I sang a few of their songs while playing, same with Linkin Park. It's weird how there's completely different emotional vibes from the two with Imagine Dragons having a more optimistic outlook in their lyrics, and LInkin Park being depressing/aggressive.

I played until I was tired, and then browsed the Internet until I went to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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