Dec. 24, 2020


Yesterday, for fun, I decided to try making a Megawatt-style log where I catalog and categorize every minute of my day.

  • uptime (productive): [8:25]
  • work 3:39 (holiday season so we're on half-days)
  • reading 0:39
  • journaling 1:47
  • drawing 0:07
  • gaming with friends 1:08
  • walking 1:05
  • downtime (not productive): [5:43]
  • idle/mobile games 4:51
  • internet browsing 0:52
  • household: [1:13]
  • food prep 0:47
  • food-related cleanup 0:24
  • misc housekeeping 0:02
  • social [0:09]
  • sleeping [8:14]

Some thoughts:

(1) It turns out that I multitask a ton, which makes it really difficult to categorize my time. For instance, there's no entry for "eating." That's because I rarely just eat; I'm almost always doing something at my computer, and yesterday was no exception. Cooking is another multitask thing: I was sauteing onions to put in my lunch, and I'd periodically step away from the stove to do a couple minutes of work, or check on my pixpets/wolves.

Walking is my biggest source of multitasking. I spent around an hour in dedicated walking time, but the sizable majority of my steps for the day came from multitasking, e.g., walking while playing mobile games or while scrolling Twitter.

(2) I also flit between activities a lot. In a five-minute span, I might check on my pixpets, refresh board 8, and edit a sentence or two for work. Those are all different categories. It's a pain to tabulate.

(3) Related to the above two items, my journaling time for the day is inflated because I spent a bunch of time on log management. I wound up 25 minutes short and couldn't find the source of the error.

(4) lmao I spend too much time on idle/mobile games. I already knew this, but it's kinda different seeing it... Yesterday I spent a lot of time on Wolvden because I just joined the day before, but because of that I spent less time on pixpets and random browsing, so it probably evens out in terms of total downtime. I should try and cut down.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Dec 24, 2020

I like the layout of journalling like that but I'm the same way. I can't fully focus if I'm not multitasking, so it's difficult to tell how much time I spend doing anything.

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