Dec. 23, 2020

Took Day Off to study for Math Quiz, Lots Of Stuff

8:43 AM (of Thursday, December 24th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, December 23rd 2020 and I took the day off work today. I told my boss yesterday in chat that I would like to take today off, but he never replied, never even went online. I think he is already on vacation himself. I was online on my work email today just waiting for a reply the whole day, but never got any. I still ended up signing off that I took work off today, I hope that's alright since I didn't do any work today.

This is what my schedule looked like today:

  • Work 0:13
  • Work Tasks 0:13
  • Physical 3:35
  • Beat Saber 2:11
  • Walking 1:24
  • Intermediary 6:32
  • Eating 0:32
  • Sleeping 5:43
  • Pooping 0:17
  • Organization 0:35
  • Journal 0:35
  • School 1:16
  • Homework 1:16
  • Unproductive 11:49
  • Browsing 5:44
  • Videos 4:02
  • Adult 1:00
  • Shopping 1:03

I had the entire day off but was online at work most of the day, just waiting for a reply back from my boss accepting the vacation request. I didn't want to do anything exceptional such as walking outside the whole day or working on some personal projects without approval, so I just watched videos primarily while I waited. I did this until around 12 PM, just waiting for a reply and got nothing back. My boss didn't even log onto chat the whole day.

What I could have done was study for my math exam later that night. I don't know where this arrogance comes from where I can hold off from studying until the last 3 hours before the exam period closes, and then still think I can do well. It's much wiser to study hours or days beforehand, but I just don't despite knowing it. I'm dumb and lose out many opportunities like that because I know better yet I don't take action.

At around 1 PM I went out for a walk, just a mile outside. It was a little bit warm out despite being December. There was a bunch of people I encountered wearing double layer jackets and full winter clothing, I don't know if it's just because it's December people are doing that, but it felt sort of like cold Spring temperature, especially under the sun which was very warm for winter. I walked outside wearing a shirt, shorts, and sandals. As I was walking some guy made a gesture to me and started talking but I couldn't hear him since I had earphones on, I took the left side off to hear what he said.

He said "You're my hero! You're wearing shorts and sandals in this weather!" as he pointed at my clothing, I told him "Yeah it's not that cold" and shrugged. He replied with "Haha that's what I wear when I'm shoveling snow!" I said "haha nice," and just kept going along. Cool encounter! Those are his exact words as I remember them, he literally said "you're my hero" which was unexpected, and he also literally said "shorts and sandals" which is the exact phrase I use. Anyway I walked about a mile and then went back home.

When I got back home I chilled for a bit and then browsed the Internet for about an hour. I was kind of invigorated from that walk and encounter and I had a full day ahead of me, so I decided to go back out. Since it was very uncommon to be wearing shorts and sandals in this month, I was going to stand out wearing it. I put on my shirt that says "Powered By Plants" which is my only vegan-related clothing, I should definitely have more. This looked a bit small on me since I gained weight, but whatever. I figured I'd stand out and get some people hopefully to research plant-based diets more.

This is my form of activism which is very passive. I don't have to do anything extra, just walk around like I usually do, but hopefully people I encounter have a higher chance about thinking about a plant-based diet more, even if it's years later. Even if it has a minute effect, I'll contribute what I can and this gives me a sense of purpose, even if it's just a small illusion that I'm having a positive impart on the planet. Majority of people I encountered were white, I'm probably the only Asian guy they'll see the whole day, and plus I have a beard which is extremely rare in eastern Asians. I'm also average American height and a bit overweight, which are also both uncommon for Asians, so they'll read my "Powered By Plants" shirt and hopefully I stand out enough in their minds that it plants a seed to go vegan in the future.

6:58 AM (of Sunday, December 27th 2020)

If everyone adopted a plant based diet, we'd save billions on healthcare. People would cure their hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, arthritis, etc. Though it may not always be entirely able to cure cancer, it would lessen chances of getting it. And without even trying, people would spare the lives of hundreds of animals a year, and reduce their carbon footprint saving over a hundred thousand gallons of water a year minimum. Ah and they'd have less grocery bills too. My entire adult life I've never experienced what it was like going to a store and buying a corpse and my grocery bills have always averaged $20-$30 a week. I'm always shocked at how anyone can spend more than that, because that already gets a ton of food.

I encountered a bunch of people in my shorts, sandals, and shirt, and they were all wearing jackets or thick jackets with pants and shoes. It honestly wasn't that cold and I felt fine the whole time. I also had this idea of getting a hula hoop and hula hooping while walking. After watching videos of people doing it though, they walk about 80% slower than normal walking, or maybe they're just not used to it? That's an idea for the backburner.

8:23 AM (of Monday, December 28th 2020)

When I got back home, I looked up how much hula hoops cost and they cost over $20 for the weighted versions which were the only ones I saw. I didn't find any of those classic plastic hula hoops which I'm guessing cost $1 or something. I chilled for a few hours and played some games or watched some videos.

At around 9 PM, just three hours before my homework was due, that was when I started studying and working on my homework. How stupid was I procrastinating this much? Anyway I managed to study all the material for the chapter that week, mainly through watching videos, and I was able to learn the contents of how to solve this week's problems. There were some minor homework assignments, which I decided not to even work on until after I took the graded quiz. The important part though was the graded quiz, and that was heavily graded. That was all I cared about this week.

After enough studying, at around 11 PM I started the graded quiz and it was much easier than expected. I ended up getting a 90% on it, with like 30 minutes to spare for working on the other minor homework assignments. For the other minor homework assignments, I did most of it, but I still ended up missing a huge part, around 1/3rd, because the time ran out before I could complete it. But I ended up doing well on the graded quiz, which is all I cared about. 90% man, wow!

I fell asleep after that because there wasn't much else. Ironically I took the entire day off work today so I could study for that graded quiz, and yet I ended up studying last minute like I always did. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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