Dec. 25, 2020




I had a headache and slept until around 2pm. Of course i had some potato salat at around 10am, but went to bed again after i took some medicine.

Then [after i got up again at 2] i went to my sisters room. played acnl and the pokemon mystery dungeon demo. Procastinated. Started to read her orca book, and yes, It's exciting.

Then i started to play mh3u. Getting some of those expedition points i'm always low on.

After that i played with my sister, did some G Brachydios' and at the and a gold Ceadeus. To my surprise we took for the most quests around 20min. I expected up to 50. I want to get the last pieces of Brachydios G rang armour for sword (blademaster?) and also the one for bows. I'm only missing the leg part for sword style. And then is should work on enhancing my weapons and maybe complete some other armour sets. Like the nargacuga and butterfly ones. Also i saw i have a piece of Tatjana (that was my phone because i clicked too fast) Rathian and a few of Qurupeco. Those to complete as well.

Tomorrow i plan to draw Something and then maybe continue to get materials on mh3u with my sister.

Now It's the new day already. 00:02.

Oh and mom found a tissue String in the washed laundry... I wanted to tie a ribbon to garlic, but of course it ripped off. It were two strings actually, so i just made a knot and attached the other with it. Noe It's... Ninja garlic. Or Something like that πŸ˜‚ it reminds me of those.

Now It's 00:39 BUT

I THINK I FOUND THE INSTAGRAM PAGE OF JUNIPER!!! β†’foto of fox with lightchain


they're so cute!!! β†’ video

Oh It's 00:44... Well then, Goodnight πŸŒ™

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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