Dec. 25, 2020

Christmas: 2020 A Quiet Blip in a Storm of Silence

Date - 12/25/2020

Overall Status -

I've been better. I find myself alone and while this is nothing new now, I think the quiet and complete solitude is in fact getting to me. I love solitude and being alone and being able to do what I want to on my own terms... However the mental impact of this, after now a year plus of being reclused is starting to wear on me. I have come to realize that at 33 I will not be the go to guy that people look for, for advice. My opinion or knowledge of subject matter is not only behind my co-workers, but when given, has all of the weight of a 10 year old school girl.

What I Learned -

A few Astrophotography tips have been gained...and some experiments I need to try. Found out that I need to use a dash of windex on my lens, how i can increase the grip on my scope's collar, and some imporovements I can make on my photo's. (I.E just stop trying with PixInsight)

Hobbies -

Astro researching. Learning some tips for using Lightroom. Sort of giving up on PixInsight. shows I have a few hours of Green, so I'm going to try to get in a few shots.

Reading -

Reading the book From a Certain Point of View Empire Strikes Back. Some really good stories, that I'd love to see as their own books...and some silly stuff..

Gaming -

Mars Horizon... leading the pack...mostly..

Others -

Going to try to practice some Robot Framework

Goals -

I don't even know what to put for future goals... I would say look for another job, but I can no longer keep fooling myself in where I think I'll because this charismatic, and super knowledge person that everyone fauns over for knowledge and experience... So I guess tomorrow I'm going to work on files for work at my current job..

Random Things of Note -

The album "It's Immaterial" by Black without a doubt my album of the year.

Written by Horizon_Brave

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