April 3, 2020

Lack of Sleep

Today was really unique I must say.

Yesterday me and Hippo arranged a game date that we were to do today, playing World of Warships in PS4 so I got pumped and wanted to finish my daily tasks as soon as possible so I would have a good enough time to play without having to be disturbed for something. And the most significant schedule I moved was my work out.

I usually do my work out in the afternoon sometime after lunch. But since I know I'll be playing by then, I decided to move my work out in the morning before breakfast. So my day went: I woke up, prayed, actually tried to sleep a little but I couldn't so I carried on with my work out and did the challenge my friend bestowed upon me yesterday as well, and after I took a shower, fixed my room, I cooked breakfast—pancakes again but not banana oatmeal—and was basically done with my mandatory chores around 10 AM—probably 20 past 10? Amazing really since in normal circumstances I wake up close to 10. This felt kinda unusual~

Funny enough, when I decided to lay down for a bit to watch YouTube, I fell asleep and woke up around 13:38. That's somehow a 3 hour long sleep, in which I realized was just about enough to fill in the missing sleeping time I lost when I decided to go on with my day than the usual go back to sleep after morning prayers. Hahahaha~

But I really do wanna try this out tomorrow again. I wanna see how I hold up and if this can actually be applied to my normal working life. Cause I would really be sad if I were to lose momentum in my workouts and I really wish I can do what I did this morning every day~ Wish me luck!

I guess that's all I can share today since the rest of my day was flat. And well, the game date didn't pull through. But it's.. Fine.. Hahahaha

Written by shaiduck

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