Dec. 29, 2020

Another Disciplined Day

11:11 PM

I didn't think it would be physically possible for me to have lived a day this year in which I was only unproductive for under two hours, but it fakely happened today. "Fakely" because I don't log exactly what I do during work hours, everything in that umbrella is considered "work tasks", so even if I prepare food and eat or use the bathroom or do any other activity, that all counted in my work hours. This is what my schedule was like:

  • Work 8:44
  • Work Tasks 8:44
  • Physical 1:33
  • Walking 1:33
  • Intermediary 8:32
  • Preparing Food 0:04
  • Eating 0:04
  • Sleeping 8:15
  • Pooping 0:09
  • Organization 1:16
  • Private 1:11
  • Pictures for the Day 0:05
  • Productive 1:04
  • Personal 0:24
  • CW 0:40
  • Unproductive 1:49
  • Browsing 0:59
  • Videos 0:26
  • Adult 0:24

This isn't 24 hours because I only grabbed what I had so far I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM, and I immediately worked on CW, which is a personal project of mine to help me out with taxes, after waking up. I guess I was bored or something, but I didn't even last an hour working on that. I ran out of ideas.

I'm not sure what else happened, because I had another two hours of time. I know I did some adult things in the morning, but that was only for 24 minutes, after that I had around an hour and a half of I don't know what. I think I browsed the Internet and watched videos during that time too.

Work was good. I was able to solve the problem I was stuck on yesterday which was the proper messages weren't loading properly after hitting "Next." I wrote about the problem here and how it was resolved, but my explanation sucks and it's a bit technical, so i just removed it. I continued working on this and finished about 90% of this these changes, and then at around 2:30 PM my boss messaged me with an issues a client was having, so I worked on that the rest of the day. I ended up getting stuck on some things, I could have finished it rather early and quickly, but I wanted to do something not "fancy" but something more convenient, but it ended up not working. So whatever, I just did the simplest solution and I finished at around 5:40 PM.

After that I cooked up some potatoes, and then when they got hot, I grabbed some and watched some videos I think while getting ready to eat. The potatoes were still hot, so I just left them on the desk while I took a nap. I timed that as "Sleep" even though I should probably do a separate section for "Nap". After waking up the potatoes were cold, and I ate three potatoes. That was my dinner, really simple. I don't see why people make things so complicated, this was like a 50 cent dinner or something, it took 2 minutes to wash and start boiling the potatoes, and then it was fulfilling and satisfying. So easy and simple, no animal deaths. For lunch earlier I just ate an avocado with rice and flax seed. Every meal I eat basically takes 2 minutes to prepare (with boiling being passive so I don't count that as being part of preparation time). I love simplicity.

After that I worked on catching up on some private things. Man I don't know why I'm vague in some occasions since it's really not a huge deal, but I was able to catch up on a good amount of items I was behind on. I went for a bit over an hour, mainly because the time went by without me noticing since I was so engrossed by the work. I was really happy I was able to catch up on these things, because I was behind a few months at some point.

Then I had to walk my 1 hour. I walked up and down the same road as last night, and I took about 9000 steps. During that walk, I thought about the past experiences the past 3-4 months and my experience has been quite remarkable. It doesn't seem that way, because I don't write about every single thing I do mainly because I'm anonymous in other activities (so I don't want to reveal what my anonymous characters do), but I have encountered a bunch of opportunities and lucky circumstances randomly in my online pursuits. It's so weird.

Anyway after that, when I got back home I just started working on my journal entries. According to one of my streaks, I have to sleep before 12 AM, and it's now 11:55 PM so that will be it for today.

Tomorrow will be a day I take off, so we'll see whether I'm able to recreate this scenario of only being unproductive for under 2 hours. I don't know if it will even be physically possible to be honest. This is the last opportunity I have this entire year to do it though, because Thursday will be another work day, and Friday will be the start of the new year. The vacation days are over already! That was fast!

Written by JustMegawatt

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