Dec. 30, 2020

Last Free Day Of The Year

10:29 PM (of Friday, January 1st 2021)

Today is Wednesday, December 30th 2020 and I took off work today. Just like I stated in my entry yesterday, today is the last free day I had of the year, and I could have actually done so much today. For some reason though, things didn't work out according to plan, although I didn't really have a plan for today, just that I would do my streaks as usual. This is what my timelog looks like for today:

  • Work 0:05
  • Work Tasks 0:05
  • Physical 1:55
  • Beat Saber 1:55
  • Intermediary 7:59
  • Preparing Food 0:06
  • Eating 0:48
  • Sleeping 7:00
  • Pooping 0:05
  • Organization 0:55
  • Private 0:49
  • Pictures for the Day 0:06
  • School 1:47
  • Homework 1:47
  • Productive 1:12
  • Personal 1:12
  • Unproductive 10:07
  • Browsing 1:17
  • Videos 5:31
  • Adult 1:25
  • Shopping 1:54

Okay today wasn't that bad, but it wasn't as good as I expected. I had around 6 hours of productive time and 10 hours of unproductive time. I thought I could get this to under 2 hours today, but it didn't work out.

I was productive in the morning, catching up on some things. After a few hours, I guess I got bored, and I started browsing the Internet. One thing lead to another, and I drifted out of working on the things I wanted to. Maybe due to lack of energy or interest or focus or whatever, I couldn't force myself to work on only productive things for hours at a time. I seriously tried today too.

In between browsing the Internet, I would play some Beat Saber. I consider this time productive because it's a form of exercise. I sweat through 1-2 shirts a day playing this game, where my shirt is soaked with sweat from nearly top to bottom. I've always been someone that sweat a lot. In elementary school we'd do those PE activities, for some reason I'd pretty much be the only one sweating, and classmates would ask me how I could sweat so much. But yeah every time I play this game, I have to change shirts and hang whatever I was wearing since that shirt would be soaked.

At around 4 PM I went out with my dad to throw out some trash and we went to Costco to buy a bunch of fruits. I wanted to buy some for myself, because the fruits I wanted to buy at Aldi were expensive for a small amount (Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries). From memory these berry fruits are a better bargain at Costco. My mom also called as we were driving and she said to buy up at least 8 different round fruits. There's some tradition my mom got from her mother that every New Year's your table should be full of 11 to 13 different round fruits for a long life and good luck. I don't know why 11 to 13 or why round fruits only or where this traditions comes from, but there's a bunch of different ones my parents have performed over the years.

At Costco there really wasn't much to do. We just headed over to the fruits section and bought a bunch of different ones. They were all organic and pricey. The blackberries and raspberries I wanted to buy weren't available anymore, maybe not in season at this time. I'll try to list out every fruit we bought: a large watermelon, cantaloupe, tangerines, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, honeydew, and... Asian pears. I think that was everything? Did we also buy raspberries or were they not available? I mentioned they weren't available earlier, but I also have a memory of going into the freezer where the raspberries were and getting something. That was probably the blueberries.

Anyway the bananas didn't count for the round fruit quota. I also bought some whole wheat bread and some other type of bread. After seeing a video of how they were made, I admired bread a lot more and it's been a while since I had any. I think they count as starches. My dad also bought some orange carrot juice and I think that was all. The total was $71, I may have missed some items too or whatever, it was not cheap.

When we got back home, I dug into the whole wheat bread and I ate that with some vegetable soup. It tasted great. It's been a while since I had any bread at all and the crunchiness and texture of it was good. Sliced bread isn't that fun because it's so soft. I ate the non-sliced variety that came in this big solid chunk and you have to grab a chunk off or cut a chunk with a knife, I just used my hands. It was a good level of crunchy with every bite but softened it a bit with the soup.

I browsed the Internet for a bit longer, I don't even remember what I browse for. There's so many things I look at in a day that it is hard to remember.

After that I worked on the math homework assignment due that night, and I managed to get it all done. I got every single question right too, oh yeah!

I didn't walk for an hour today, but I still counted it because I was outside shopping for at least an hour, and I played Beat Saber for 2 hours today which should count as much as walking for exercise. Anyway that was my day today.


Written by JustMegawatt

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