Dec. 31, 2020

Last Day of the Year and New Year Celebration

11:23 PM (of Friday, January 1st 2021)

Today is Thursday, December 31st 2020 and it's the last day of the year! It started out pretty similarly to other weekday workdays. I didn't get much sleep last night though I guess. I woke up, worked on catching up on some private things in the morning before work started, and then worked.

  • Work 8:37
  • Work Tasks 8:37
  • Physical 2:06
  • Beat Saber 2:06
  • Intermediary 6:07
  • Sleeping 6:01
  • Pooping 0:06
  • Organization 1:01
  • Private 0:57
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • School 0:55
  • Homework 0:55
  • Unproductive 5:14
  • Browsing 5:09
  • Hanging Out 0:05

I wasn't feeling it at work today. There was no one else online, I think everyone else took the day off. I worked on some items at work today continuing from where I left off, but I can't say I got much done.

8:02 AM (of Monday, Jan 4th 2021)

After work I just browsed the Internet for a long time. Unsure what I was doing. Probably hanging out on Discord and browsing a website like eBay for some computer stuff. I worked on homework too, the last assignments for the year I guess. I procrastinated again like most other days, and didn't finish my homework until around 11:50 PM, just a few minutes before it was due. After that I helped my parents set up to prepare for the New Year's celebration.

I set up the TV to show the New York ball drop countdown and got a tripod with my mom's camera ready to take video and pictures. This is a tradition we've had, where we would record ourselves in video in front of the TV as the countdown occurred, and celebrate as the new year rolled by. I had some thoughts like, even the most powerful people on the planet couldn't stop time from progressing forward. Even if they really really wanted it for a new year to not start, there was nothing in their power they could do.

The new year rolled by and it felt the same as always. It didn't really feel like anything had changed. New years, timezones, our recording of time itself, our calendars, etc, it's all arbitrary. Countries like China and India have one timezone for their entire countries, despite China having similar width to the United States which has six timezones, and India having roughly half the width (so it should have minimum 2-3 timezones). Our calendar was also made up on the spot to have a division of 12 units (months), and inside those months an arbitrary number of days each (31. 28, 30, etc). Our 12/24 hour clocks and minutes and seconds are all arbitrary too.

So no wonder it didn't feel like anything changed. One thing was different though, the past few New Years I had this tradition of playing Left 4 Dead 2 or even GTA V, but tonight I didn't.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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