Feb. 24, 2020




Today was a free day and Karneval in ACNL so I went feather hunting there after I had cleaned the bathroom floor, had breackfast and had a shower. Also I went to the island with Sindy for some "hide and seek" and one catching rare fish thing.

Then I played the flute and chose a piece for the Talent show on Thursday. I'll go with "Indescribable" and/or "Reign in me" and if they would want (which is probably not even happening) even "Show yourself".

Then I drew a picture because I'm happy to have a wooden cleaning rod.

And then... hmm...

I played paper.io3D and got 100% of the Croissant.

Maybe I'll play a bit of MK8 with Sindy now. And then it's bedtime, I've got school tomorrow again.

Right, Before I played ACNL I had done math homework.


Written by Plesi`

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