Jan. 1, 2021

First Day Of Year, Habitica Challenges, Stimulus Check

8:18 AM (of Monday, January 4th 2021)

Today is Friday, January 1st 2021 and it's the first day of the year! What I liked about today is we have the entire day off so I could do anything I wanted to today. I think it was raining outside though, so I didn't go outside. It has rained a bunch of times recently in winter, meaning the temperature hasn't gone below freezing for a long time. This is very worrisome, but no one really cares, even though just 10 years ago it would practically snow every time and raining was uncommon, now snowing is uncommon and even if it did snow it would just melt within 1-2 days, which it did already last year many times. It's very worrisome and the food on our plate has equal or greater environmental impact and CO2 emissions than even all forms of transportation combined (planes, cars, trucks, trains, boats, etc).

Anyway this is my timelog for the day:

  • Physical 1:03
  • Beat Saber 1:03
  • Intermediary 5:01
  • Sleeping 4:51
  • Pooping 0:05
  • Brushing Teeth 0:05
  • Organization 1:34
  • Journal 1:29
  • Pictures for the Day 0:05
  • Productive 0:28
  • MG 0:28
  • Unproductive 7:08
  • Videos 3:44
  • Online Shopping 1:24
  • Hanging Out 2:00
  • Social Media 8:46
  • Discord 6:18
  • Habitica 2:28

I was on Habitica for a few hours today, updating the challenges I hosted. I updated the 10,000 steps a day challenge to a one hour a day walking challenge, because that's a lot simpler to understand, and the 10,000 was arbitrary. It is what I set my daily counter to be, but it is something that takes a long time to complete, probably like 1.5 hours or longer. I also updated the vegan challenge, it was just a bunch of jumbled up random to dos, now there's more information for several categories: Health, Environment, Ethics, and Money, and how being vegan benefits all of these categories. I put money in there because people are often like "it's too expensive to be vegan" when it's far cheaper in fact. I can really spend $1-2 a DAY, and live on that just fine, in the United States.

After that someone on Discord said they got their $600 check deposited into their bank. I checked my bank, and the $600 was there. I spent like $200 on renewing some of my domain names to the year 2031, since apparently that was the limit. I was going to spend it all on renewing to like 2040, but it would not let me. After that I had a few $400 left for whatever. I did some online shopping, and I got interested in 17.3" laptops again, but I just did a bunch of window shopping today, I didn't commit to buying anything just yet.

The rest of the day I spent on Discord, chatting with people here and there. Most of the time actually, people are not replying. BUT, I am in many discord servers, and so I just alternate between each one, reading some messages here and there in each, and repyling in some of them. It's so weird how hours and hours and hours can pass by, of me just switching servers, looking through their channels and not even saying anything. What am I doing with my life?

I also didn't get much sleep last night. Because it was New Year's obviously, but my parents went to sleep at like 12:30 AM, and I went to sleep at 2 AM. Why? No idea. I was doing nothing of importance, not studying for finals, not doing anything good, and yet I delayed my sleep. Well of course my parents woke up at 6 AM and they turned on a bunch of lights, made some noise, and that woke me up.

And yeah that was my day today!

Written by JustMegawatt

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