Jan. 3, 2021

Last Day Of Winter Holidays

8:44 AM (of Tuesday, January 5th 2021)

Today is Sunday, January 3rd 2021 and it's the last day of the winter holidays. The end of December / beginning of January are so chill due to most people taking weeks off of work for the holidays. I get two days off too, Christmas and New Years, both of them were Fridays and so I had two three day weekends in a row, this is the last three day weekend. I also took some days off in those weeks, so I really had 4 days off out of 7. Now those vacation days were over, but I was feeling bored anyway.

I felt serious boredom today with nothing to do, even though I had things to do such as study for finals next week, and catch up on a bunch of things. This is what my timelog looked like today:

  • Physical 1:47
  • Beat Saber 1:47
  • Intermediary 10:31
  • Eating 2:38
  • Sleeping 7:48
  • Pooping 0:05
  • Organization 3:06
  • Private 3:06
  • Unproductive 8:36
  • Browsing 6:26
  • Gaming 2:10

I spent a bunch of time just browsing the Internet (mainly Discord). We talk about so much useless things, I can't believe I spend 6 hours doing nothing basically.

I did spend 3 hours on organizing some things, which was good. But overall, I just felt bored. At around 7 PM I played Life Is Strange again for the first time in forever. I just felt like I had so little to do, this was something to do. Even though I beat the game already, I didn't remember most of the things that happened. Sure I remembered the beginning part in the school, but not specific details. It was like I was playing it for the first time again.

I also shopped around for some SSDs for my new laptop that would be arriving soon. I was so hyped for it. I watched some videos too about it and my hype built up even more. There were also backpacks online that I looked for. The current backpack I have is this thin school bag basically, it can fit my large 17.3" laptop, but only in its largest compartment, and it doesn't have any padding protection. With this new screamer of a machine I wanted to give it some padding so I shopped around for a laptop bag, and I saw so many different ones. I would not make any purchases for SSDs or a backpack until tomorrow though.

Anyway I don't remember much else about today. Based on the time record I have, I can't really say too much. I played Beat Saber for a few hours, but that's a given basically. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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