April 4, 2020

Why Me?

This really bugs the hell out of me~ I never get it how everything's my fault when I wasn't even in the picture yet somehow magically it was connected to me and now it's my fault.. uugghh.. Sorry I'm just still so mad I can't .. euuughh.. Will add to it tomorrow morning maybe? Just so I can still remember things that happened today.. Not now though.. I'm still too flustered..

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 04, 2020

Well, after read it again, I'm more confused.
I'm trying to visualize the situation but... Is really confuse.
So, you take a photo, someone appeared it casually, your couple get mad and said is your fault, and you're crazy because that obviously wasn't your fault.
How is going everything?
P.s My native language is Spanish, so, sorry if I made a mistake or something.

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Hai Justmeriem!

The phrase "when I wasn't even in the picture" is a saying. It actually means that between those who were arguing, I was not a part of the thing that they're actually arguing about.. The incident is really about my parents. So they were arguing about our cat. My mom was so annoyed how our cat keeps on wanting to play with her when she's tired. And my dad said that my mom should be glad that at least our cat loves my mom so much that my mom is always the one our cat goes to for affection.

It was their argument since I was just sitting by myself writing. But then somehow my mom got mad at me saying that it's my fault she and my dad argued about the cat. Since the cat was "mine" I should've pulled the cat away from her when she's not in the mood so that she wouldn't get bothered by the cat.
Like really. Come on.. It was a petty argument about a cat wanting affection between my parents, but then somehow their argument was my fault? Eugh.

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Hi! Oh, wow, It was totally different about the possibilities I thought
Anyways, excuse me but your mom is exaggerating with this, literally she is looking for whatever kind or argument to argue
Sorry for you cat, I wish everything can be better
In my house the dogs are banned, and the last time my "grandfather" tried to kick my family just for that, so, I wish that something similar never gonna happen in your house
By other way, I read your comment and I'm here because of habitica too! Isn't the best place this page, honestly, I don't think is minimalistic, it's more like "recently born" apparently
I'm in the same challenge about the journal, I have two journals, one here and the other is a little notebook
It's helpful to have an idea about my life

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

@Justmeriem Heey~ yeah it's fine she was exaggerating. That night she was really in a bad mood so everything just annoyed her. I'm sort of used to it but it still gets annoying most of the time. Thankyouuu though!
I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs :( that's so sad.. I do wish everything's okay not with your family..

Yes, this seems like a developing website and I'm really looking forward to its potential! especially the features it has teased us about :D @AYearAgoToday we're getting excited here! :D

Wow same here! I write in my notebook too! It's sort of an abstract gist of my day and when I get here, I refine it a little :) Really hope I can keep it up to a year! This will be fun to look back on~

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