Jan. 4, 2021

First Monday of the Year

9:13 PM (of Wednesday, January 6th 2020)

Today is Monday, January 4th 2020 and my first day back at work. It's another work from home day of course, however I think my mom got her vaccination today which worried me that my working from home days were going to be over soon. This is what my schedule looked like today:

  • Work 8:19
  • Work Tasks 8:19
  • Intermediary 7:11
  • Sleeping 7:06
  • Pooping 0:05
  • Organization 1:59
  • Journal 1:14
  • Cleaning Room 0:45
  • Unproductive 5:24
  • Browsing 3:49
  • Gaming 1:04
  • Adult 0:31
  • Social Media 1:07
  • Discord 1:07

I don't remember what I did that morning. I think what I do in the morning now, is I wake up, and then I get on Discord. I look at some news and read what people have said, and then 2 hours just magically pass by and then it's time for work. I've lately been fasting until 12 PM, so I know I didn't prepare and eat any food.

I think what I did that morning was I browsed eBay for a supporting backpack for my laptop and NVME ssds. Yeah I think that's what I did. I ended up going with the Dell Pro 17 backpack to match my Dell Precision 7740 laptop arriving soon. I have a previous Dell bag, for the Dell Venue 8 tablet, and it's one of my favorite bags. When I bought the tablet the bag just came with it. The quality on the bag was superb and if this bag was anything like it, then it would be nice too.

I also ordered two 512gb NVME ssds, for around $56 each. I could have really splurged and gotten a 2 TB for $200, but I wanted more drives instead of more storage. My new laptop arriving soon can have 4 of these drives, and I wanted to install a separate operating system on each, so a 512GB drive would suffice. I haven't even filled up 100GB of my current 1TB SSD, so what was I going to do with 2TB?

At work I just continued from where I left off last week, Thursday, last day of the year. I didn't do much that day, so I finished what I had to, today. I'm almost done with a lot of things at work.

After work it looks like I just browsed the Internet and played Life Is Strange for around an hour. It's a cool game. It was so much cooler back in the day playing it for the first time though. My second playthrough years later, I just feel like it's a game. I'm not as immersed as I was the first time, playing it like it was basically an alternate life. You know what ruins game immersion? Glitches. For some reason I was bored and I looked up online some glitches for the game, and there were some such as falling through the ground and even walking through walls to bypass certain checkpoints. Ugh, that ruined my immersion.

You know, well I don't know if you know, but for me when I was young I just felt like every experience was so magnificent, unique, and surreal. Perhaps that's still the case, however, I've just done so much, I feel like I've done and experienced practically everything. Even being rich. GTA V, that game is my "rich life simulator". In that game you can basically do anything you want, and that's pretty much all the things you can do in real life too if you had all the time, money, and freedom you desired.

Why am I saying these things? I dunno. I feel like I've already experienced everything. What else is there? Oh yeah I need to lose weight. Yeah. I want to get to like my ideal weight for my height, and I want to see what that feels like. I don't know what that feels like. No idea. Supposedly you are faster when you are lighter, you can fit in smaller places, and you are more agile and better looking, but I really want to experience that. I'm currently overweight. Today I ate 6 potatoes, two bananas, some peanuts, and two plates of rice and beans and flax seed. And that was it. Around $1 to $2 total for everything, each meal took less than 5 minutes to prepare if it even took a minute.

Anyway that was my day today. Can't really say I did much else.

Written by JustMegawatt

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