Jan. 8, 2021

pigeon report

I am pleased to report that the pigeons are okay. I went downtown today for my dentist follow-up appointment (getting the permanent crown installed), and this time I made sure to look out for pigeons. I saw three big flocks—the first at the plaza, a second near the mural, and a third industriously pecking around a dumpster in an alley—plus various other clusters. They seemed as fat and insouciant as ever. I took out my phone to photograph them and a plump one waddled right up to me, eyeing me boldly, clearly fishing for food handouts.

It snowed heavily over the weekend, so I got an authentic winter experience. Couldn't have asked for a better day on the town. Though it's amazing how a 1 pm appointment can basically chew up most of the day in both directions. I woke up early to shower and do laundry. At 10:45 I left the house to catch the train. I arrived downtown with 45 minutes to spare before my appointment. Once it ended, I had another 45 minutes to walk around town before the next outbound train. I reached home at around 3:30 with 17.5k steps under my belt for the day.

The dentist's office has a fantastic view; it's a 15th floor corner office overlooking the park and the lake. Come to think of it, I wonder if my new office has a window. Surely my boss wouldn't have bothered moving offices in the middle of a pandemic unless we were getting a major visual upgrade.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Jan 09, 2021

Pigeons? Do you have pigeons at home or do you look closely at those living outside? :)

Posted On Jan 11, 2021

@Plesi` I don't have pigeons at home, sadly. I had to go downtown for a dentist visit, so I was looking out for pigeons there. They're so cheerful and bold, I like them.

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