April 4, 2020

How many people still here? (¿Cuántas personas siguen aquí?)

Hi, I'm curious about how many people use ayerago. Just write Hi to know you still here.

Hola, tengo curiosidad sobre cuántas personas usan ayerago. Sólo escribe Hola para saber que sigues aquí.

Written by Justmeriem

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Posted On Apr 04, 2020

Hello :D I just started today :)

Posted On Apr 04, 2020

Heya. Been a regular poster since February-ish.

Posted On Apr 05, 2020

Hola. Joined beginning of February but then there was this close down, joined again after the update on Feb 20th :)

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Thanks for the answers! I recently joined 😁

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Hello :D saw you posting on my entry, so thought I'd come over to say hi too. Good luck to you too, hope to see more of your entries in the future.

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

I'm new!! Got here from Habitica~ It was a recommendation for where to write daily journals. Thanks for dropping by my post! I replied to it explaining the situation :D

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Hi, I guess I can chime in as well. I am not as regular as the others, but it is my goal to post every day. I really love to read all your posts, so keep up the good work everyone!

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Oh Gosh. I don't know, like a lot of stuff on webtoon xD Like "Gourmet Hound", "Soul to Call", "My Giant Nerd Boyfriend", "Daniel", "Tower of God", "Sweet Home"; "Scoob and Shag". Like my list could go on and on and on xD But I'll just stop here for now xD WHAT DO YOOUUUU READ :D ?? Also here the quarantine has been extended, but till the 19th of April @.@
Uuuuu :D Can I see your drawings :)? Do you post anywhere :)? I feel like if you have a good story to write, you can participate :) I'm ok, but I still have some problems: like I have a hard time drawing men, children and backgrounds xD haha
OH MY D: ! 1.30/2 Hours D: !?! Like, that's amazing D: Well I started on the 3rd of April, and I started doing a 20 minute work out and everyday I try to push myself to do more, but because I am not fit, so I'm trying to slowly get better xD Yesterday I did 40 minutes :D So hopefully sooner or later I'm going to reach you level :3 Do you use any programs :D ?

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

@Soulbun thanks! Please tell me if you received a notification about this comment, I don't know if it works 😅

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