Jan. 5, 2021

Day Before New Computer Arrived

8:12 AM (of Saturday, January 9th 2021)

Today is Tuesday, January 5th 2021 and it can basically best be described as the day before my new computer would arrive. How else can I describe today? There's not really anything else of significance. I don't remember what I did in the morning, probably nothing important. I probably got on Discord, looked at some websites, and then hopped onto work shortly after.

For work, I likely just caught up on the work items I needed to work on. There's been this 36 page document with a bunch of feedback changes to some things I've completed, so I worked on finishing the rest of that. I was on page 29 for a while. Oh actually I remember now, I worked on page 29 initially, and then another client had an issue come up, so I worked on that the rest of the day. Yeah I didn't even get much chance to work on that document today. I was able to resolve that other issue the client was having though.

This is what my schedule looked like today:

  • Work 8:52
  • Work Tasks 8:52
  • Physical 2:03
  • Beat Saber 2:03
  • Intermediary 6:27
  • Sleeping 6:16
  • Pooping 0:11
  • Organization 0:23
  • Journal 0:23
  • Productive 1:32
  • Personal 1:32
  • Unproductive 4:43
  • Browsing 2:36
  • Gaming 2:07

Yeah I played Beat Saber for a couple of hours today. I think today was the day "newbs" started appearing in the Expert+ difficulty. Usually when I play Expert+ with people, we can complete the entire song. Tonight though it was so weird, a bunch of people failing the song within 5-10 seconds. Several times I played a song to the end alone, no one else surviving. Also even though I'm supposedly better now than a month or two ago, I'm not able to crack some of my previous records. I tried too. It's very rare I set a new personal best nowadays, whereas early on I'd set several new personal bests a day.

Yesterday (Monday) at around noon, I messaged the eBay seller when they would be shipping the laptop over, because I ordered it on Saturday and even on Monday it wasn't marked as Shipped yet. The seller told me they were taking a while to find a box to ship it in, understandably, and they got one that morning I think. They sent a picture of it being packed inside the box and ready to be shipped. Later that day it was marked as shipped, and the rest of my time I just felt anxious about it arriving.

Today was not any different. I would look at the latest "Shipping Details" to see where it was. I think today it arrived in my state, but it was in a city around 4 hours away. I had thoughts like, I could drive there and pick it up! Although that wouldn't really be possible since it would probably be loaded onto a truck and start heading towards my area as I was driving there.

I had math homework, but I didn't work on it. I could have, should have, but didn't. I played some video games (LIfe is Strange) instead, and browsed the Internet. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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