Jan. 6, 2021

Day New Computer Arrived

8:32 AM (of Saturday, January 9th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, January 6th 2021 and today was the day my new laptop computer arrived. How else can I describe today? That was the most significant thing. I bought this machine for $1400 on a 6 month no-interest credit, so I only pay around like $250 a month, which was a sweeeeeet deal. The specs on this machine are top top notch for the year 2021. It has 128gb RAM, Xeon 6-core processor, and a discrete Nvidia 6gb RTX 3000 graphics card.

A machine like this is like $5000+ new, seriously, I still don't know why the seller sold it for the price that they did because similar used listings on eBay are selling for $3000+. The seller also listed it incorrectly. It had a very generic title for a laptop, just "Gaming Laptop", even though it wasn't even a gaming laptop! Did the seller get it as a gift and just not know what they had? Anyway I just read the specs, and my mind was blown at how crazy they were, and for this price. I actually activated two new lines of credit pretty much immediately when I saw this listing, I wrote about it whatever day I did that.

Anyway this is what my schedule looked like today:

  • Work 8:55
  • Work Tasks 8:55
  • Intermediary 6:50
  • Eating 0:45
  • Sleeping 5:57
  • Pooping 0:08
  • Organization 1:30
  • Journal 0:47
  • Finances 0:43
  • School 1:49
  • Homework 1:49
  • Unproductive 4:56
  • Gaming 3:37
  • Shopping 1:19

I don't remember what I did that morning, probably got on Discord, then browsed the Internet for a while. That sounds like me. I know I didn't work on anything even though I could have because I haven't worked on anything in the morning in a while. I don't even eat until 12 PM since I made that a daily streak thing I do, so, yeah I don't know what I did that morning.

Work was very typical. I finished up around 4 pages of that 36 feedback document I was working on. There were just two pages left, which I would complete the next day. I think there was also a meeting at work I attended today. Yeah there was, after 5 PM.

At around 1:30 PM though, maybe it was more like 2 PM? Anyway I opened the front door to my home and there was this huge box right by the door. I couldn't believe it. How come I didn't hear any knocking or anything like that? How long was it sitting out there for? I'm glad no one robbed it from the porch, because that would have ruined things. Anyway I brought it inside and opened it, it was exactly like how I imagined it to be from watching all the videos. Oh and it's the correct computer model from what I guessed.

Yeah even the eBay listing for the item didn't have the computer model. It literally just said "Gaming Laptop" as the listing, and it wasn't even a gaming laptop. From the pictures taken of the machine, I used my knowledge of laptops and different models to find out which computer it was. It was a Dell Precision 17.3" computer, but which model? Was it the 7730, the 7740, or the 7750? They all looked very similar. From the specs though, I surmised it was the 7740, and my guess was right. I was able to get the model number by looking underneath the machine, which the seller didn't take a picture of.

I waited until after work before I started playing around with it. It had a basic Windows install and nothing else on it. I checked the system specs within WIndows itself to confirm it was identical to the listing, I checked the bios as well, and I opened up the machine to see if the hardware components were matching too. Yeah everything looked good. The most difficult thing I would say was putting back the cover underneath. It took me like an hour, and apparently you have to have pretty good technique to put it back in properly.

After work too, I wanted to go out to Best Buy so I could get a new NVME SSD and install something on it, since I didn't want to touch the default operating system that came with the machine. It was already closed though apparently, so I didn't get to do that. I just installed Steam on this and played Deus Ex Mankind Divided for literally like 2 minutes at max graphics settings. I wasn't super impressed, seriously there's not much difference between the "Ultra" high settings and even just medium or high settings. I couldn't see any difference anyway. The only thing different is that the fans on this machine became super loud, so I stopped playing it very quickly.

I was going to install GTA V and play it for a bit, but ended up not doing that because the filesize was 108gb or something to download the entire game, and I wasn't going to wait 8 hours to play. It says the last time I played was in December 2018. I still remember that day. I had a roughly 60%+ winning rate, maybe even 70%+, it was pretty high, at all the GTA racing games. I was a champion, I won pretty much every race I played.

During this one race, I was winning by a lot. And because I was in such a lead, I didn't pay attention that much. I ended up hitting a wall, like, 10 seconds before the finish line. Seriously. And then the second player caught up and passed me and won. It was this "golf cart" mode or something, so the vehicles were super slow to start up. If you stopped for even a second, which a wall did that to me, you wouldn't be able to speed up enough from that halted speed to regain the lead. I was so pissed. I swore to never play that game again, and I uninstalled it.

I wonder how I got such a good winning streak though. I remember playing my first race, and I kept running into walls and other obstacles, and I remember losing a bunch of times. At some point though, it just felt like everyone else sucked, and I started winning a lot. That's how it felt. I learned some micro speed-boost techniques like driving on the curbs or sides of walls for additional speed boost. I actually did the side wall thing all the time intuitively before I learned it increased speed, since I just thought it looked cool. No wonder I was randomly faster than people.

Anyway I was super happy with this new machine that arrived, but I couldn't do much with it. All I did really was verify that the specs were the same as the listing, and it was. I'm very happy with this purchase. The backpack I ordered arrived the same day too, and it was cool too.

Written by JustMegawatt

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