Jan. 10, 2021

Took Math Finals Exam and Passed It

6:22 AM (of Monday, January 11th 2021)

Today is Sunday, January 10th 2021 and it's a significant day today because of my math finals exam. Today is the last day to take it, and I was originally scheduled to take it last night at 9 PM, but I pushed it back to today at 1:50 PM after feeling like I wasn't ready to take it yet.

This is what my schedule looked like today:

  • Intermediary 7:12
  • Sleeping 7:10
  • Pooping 0:02
  • Organization 4:37
  • Journal 0:44
  • Finances 3:53
  • School 3:29
  • Homework 2:19
  • Exam 1:10
  • Productive 4:06
  • Personal 3:35
  • Misc 0:31
  • Unproductive 4:15
  • Browsing 2:55
  • Adult 1:20
  • Social Media 0:21
  • Discord 0:21

I had 7 hours of sleep the night before, so I felt well rested. I woke up, and then I started working on a my finances the entire morning basically. I was catching up on a lot of things I was behind on, and I'm pretty much caught up except for some major areas which I'm working on an entirely new website to help out with that. I feel like I really fucked up in August when I decided to just drop everything for some stupid online gambling money related activities. I fell for that and several months of my life have vanished just like that. And now I have to work on a new site to help out on tax related bits because of how complicated it is to do manually.

At around 12 PM, yeah I procrastinated on studying again but at least I spent it on productive tasks, I started studying again for the math exam. I just started cramming as much information as I could. I ignored certain chapters thinking there wouldn't be that many questions for those chapters. I was able to really understand some core concepts though and memorized some formulas that turned out to really help out in the exam.

When the exam rolled around, I took it with the proctor. I spent as much time as I needed on the exam and I realized I should have studied those chapters I skipped, because there were so many questions on those chapters. I had to basically guess and surmise the answer based on previous knowledge, applying some logic I knew to come to a close approximation hopefully. I submitted the exam thinking I failed completely. Like, feeling like I would have been happy with a 50%. I hesitated checking my score until the proctor bid me farewell and I turned on another computer. When I checked though, I got a 75%!! That's way better than the 50% I thought I would get.

I answered most of the questions pretty well actually, but there were some areas that I just didn't know. Those questions I knew nothing about, though actually numbering fewer than the amount I knew, made me think I'd get a much lower score. Whew. A 75% is good. I passed. Now once the grades are finalized I can apply to receive my Associate's degree. It took me ~10 years to get this. Way slower than average. Way. Way. Way slower. Slowly but sure though, that's my motto.

After that I looked up some adult videos to purchase. I decided to reward myself either by buying a game like Plants vs Zombies which is a classic I haven't played in forever, for $5, or a game like DIshonered, another game I wanted to play, for $10. Instead I freaking bought some adult videos for ~$32. And then I drained myself of energy afterwards. I did this yesterday too, even though it says I only spent 4 minutes on Adult activities yesterday, that's just how short a time it took. Not worth it. I could've played Beat Saber or done anything else, that would have been way better.

Rest of the night I was on Discord, and I worked on setting up my new computer to be able to work on projects again. It was so easy, probably because I knew what I was doing. It's kinda scary how well that went. Usually in development you'd react to things based on feedback like errors and the like. LIke normally a person would run the command to run whatever project on their new computer, and it would throw a bunch of errors because so-and-so is not downloaded, so-and-so is not installed, so-and-so is not set, so-and-so is not created, and so on.

There were so many steps and commands right? Should I list them out? I had to download the project from github, then connect to the database and export a current backup, I had to download that to my computer then I had to download and install the database software. This is a new computer so it came with nothing. Then I had to create the databases and then apply the downloaded backup to them. I had to adjust some user settings and basic settings to be certain values. With the project itself, I had to download all the dependencies for that project, create some new files and configure the local settings so it could connect to the databases. I guess it's not so bad, but any of those steps could have thrown a hitch.

Things just went really smoothly for me. I just completed each step basically flawlessly, like someone that just knew what they were doing. I didn't have took up any references, it was all from memory and my understanding of what had to be done to get the project running. Then I ran the final command to start up the project thinking "oh it's gonna throw an error because I missed so-and-so step", and it just ran. LOL. This was the first time I even attempted to run the project, while normally you would try to run it and then make adjustments based on the errors that popped up, but I ran it literally as the last step and it just ran, no errors. I was kind of befuddled. Is that all...? Surely missed a step somewhere? Like, that doesn't happen. But it just did.

Anyway that was a cool moment I was proud of. I only have this kind of mastery with my own projects by the way, if it were some other project I'd have no idea how to set it up unless it was very similar to mine. That was my project after all, no one should have better understanding of it than me. After that I worked on things in that project for a while, and then went to sleep. I passed out while working on the project, which is a cool way to go to sleep.

Overall not a bad day, not a day I regret.

Written by JustMegawatt

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