Jan. 12, 2021

lazy because of stress

So far so good i feel very stressed with all the math i need to do . i mean i hate math ela and almost all the subjects expect for social studies i love it but i'm way behind in all my classes just because i'm lazy. i feel like i can't stop being lazy i stopped using my kindle fire (tablet) to help me a bit but i'm still lazy and mad and sad . i'm very sensitive so i cry and get mad often because of my past. It frightens me to return to my old ways so when i get mad i'm scared i'll hurt someone so i just eat or talk to myself and then i wonder why i'm so fat. on the outside i look happy but i'm always sad cause my brain can't seem to forget the mistakes i've made . i also get mad at myself for being to creative cause people tell me to take it one step at a time but with my autism it's just so hard i think about to much things.i made an account on habitica to help me but i'm just to lazy.i feel like a time bomb and just can't seem to defuse it but i handle it and keep pushing.stress for being online for school i want to just make friends . but i just can't i do but there not real friends.AHH that helped i'll talk more later have a good day

Written by Chrislazy

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