April 5, 2020




12:40: Watering plants: an adventure

My little brother (2 1/2) wanted to water plants. But unpatient as he is: first, when we went to fill the watering can he pulled it before I was finished: the sides were wet and even if I couldn't see it I assumed t'd loose a few drops on the way. Then we watered my plants. I had to get the last one from the windowsill and so he wanted to place the can on the floor. But he tilted it so that the floor got wet. Okay, nvm, I'll clean that up. But when I put the flower back he - I don't if it was on purpose or not - watered the ground... (A few month ago he had watered my puzzle and now the pieces itself don't stick together, so we have to glue them all together...)...

I didn't know what to do so I said I'll get something to clean that up while he is not doing anything messy. I hurried to the kitchen and slipped because of the previous poured water. Fortunately I didn't fell and only hurt my arm on the door frame but it was a little shock. Then I had to open a new Zewa package... We always store it on top of the cupboard. Meanwhile my mom came to my brother. I went back and we cleaned the carpet all together. She took him to his room to sleep and I went to make some Cappuccino and cleaned the floor on the way where I slipped previously. When I opened the cupboard to get cups the Zewa package fell on my head.

Well.... Now it's placed correctly.

Art challenge; poem

There ones was a moth

as white as frost

flying through froth

There she found a tree

It was big and free

Offered her some tea

It tasted like cappuccino

art challenge: obscure holiday

I don't know what an obscure holiday is, but i wanted to make one about Muffins. I googled "Cupcake holiday" but didn't find it, so I thought it doesn't exist. When I finished the card I googled "muffin day" and guess what, both do exist. But the description said we can make a real one too so. Muffins ^v^ .

19:39: playing ACNH right now. I'm coming innocently out of the shop after the nook brothers said goodbye so nicely, wanted to look at my nook phone: suddenly my character sees stars and faints.... There was a spider sitting outside. I really didn't see it. I saved it as a video and showed it to my sister. It was actually obvious but only if you're a spectator who isn't focused on "i want to look at my nookphone" ...



Written by Plesi`

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