Jan. 12, 2021

Caught up on Photos, Played Skyrim

6:55 AM (of Tuesday, January 13th 2021)

Today is Monday, January 12th 2021 and it was a pretty good normal day today with a wide range of activities. I normally don't do such a wide amount of activities, or maybe I do but I just don't track it properly? No I definitely don't do this much variety of productive tasks in one day, that's mainly where the diversity comes from. This was my timelog for the day:

  • Work 8:22
  • Work Tasks 8:22
  • Physical 0:35
  • Beat Saber 0:35
  • Intermediary 6:49
  • Eating 0:41
  • Sleeping 6:05
  • Pooping 0:03
  • Organization 1:21
  • Journal 0:16
  • Pictures for the Day 1:05
  • Productive 0:43
  • AYAT 0:12
  • CW 0:06
  • Misc 0:25
  • Unproductive 4:47
  • Gaming 3:17
  • Adult 0:05
  • Cartoons 1:25
  • Social Media 1:23
  • Discord 1:23


I woke up at around 6 AM today and I worked on some misc. productive items. I don't remember what exactly, and shortly after that I worked on posting yesterday's timelog to yesterday's entry. When I was done with yesterday's entry, I started feeling bored, like there was just a lack of activities to do, even though there wasn't. I knew I was behind on a lot of work I had to catch up on, but I still felt bored for some reason. Today was the day however, I would catch up on something I was behind on. At around 7 AM after around an hour of being awake, I ate a huge vegan breakfast (two plates of a bunch of vegetables, rice, and meatless meatballs), and I watched the Boondocks again while eating.

Catching Up On Photos

At around 8 AM I worked on one of the tasks I was behind on which was organizing hundreds of photos I had, and after an hour I was able to catch up on this task I've been putting off for around two weeks. It didn't take as long as I thought it would take, I imagined it as an activity that would have taken up a whole weekend day, but it only took around an hour for everything. There was some frustration I encountered when I thought there wasn't a way to multi-select photos on my phone, but eventually figured it out.

Some update just changed how multi-select on photos was done, I had to click on the 3 dot icon and then click on an option like "Move" or "Copy" before multi-select would become available. Previously I just tapped and held a photo, and that would allow me to multi-select, then I could select either "Move" or "Copy", it was frustrating trying that for like 10-20 minutes and it not working. I finished catching up on my photos right before work started.


Work was alright today, I worked mainly on resolving some issues a client was having with certain rows not being created properly for a table they had. I came up with a solution and sent it over to them, but it turns out last year we already discussed this very issue happening with another group's table. Last year we agreed some adjustments should be made to that scheduled job and we decided it was best for the person who worked on that script to work on adjusting it. I agreed, so I messaged him and he ended up taking the task. He hasn't worked with this client in over two years since I took over, but yeah it was best for him to have taken over this since he wrote the script and I wasn't familiar with it that much.

Beat Sabel

After work I played some Beat Saber. Pretty cool and fun. What's crazy about today is I played about 2 minutes into the song Crystalized by Camelia, it wasn't actually that hard or maybe I've gotten better. I can play most of the song FitBeat too, but I always fail at that part near the end when a bunch of notes start coming out very quickly, and I don't know how anyone is able to pass that section. I play in the hardest difficulty and these two songs are in the top 10 hardest songs in the game. It seems like I only played for around 30 minutes today, but i probably played for over an hour total because I'd play every now and then during taking breaks at work too, I just don't change my timelog activity to anything else during work hours.


After Beat Saber, I was on Discord for an hour. Not doing much, just chatting. I didn't want to spend an hour on there, but time just goes by so quickly even just reading a bit of text.

I was feeling extremely bored after that. I could have worked on something or just gone to sleep, but instead I played some Skyrim for around 3 hours. I decided to play it and brainstorm what to do next while playing it. Because I was at one point just looking at my desktop, around 8 PM, and I was like... what should I do next? Yeah I had work I had to catch up on, I know, but I felt like that wasn't urgent. I thought I'll think of what to do next while playing the game Skyrim. The problem is that I got hooked, and I didn't think of any new ideas of what to do next.


So I have a thief/archer kind of character. Literally the only two talent trees I'm building up are "Sneak" and "Archery", and I literally fight everyone with my bow. Even in close combat I don't switch to a melee weapon, I just whack people with my bow or shoot an arrow at them from close range while they're hitting me and killing me. I died a bunch of times doing this, but I think sneak + archery is overpowered. I found several glitches where I could level up my sneak ability without any repercussions, and I leveled it up to such a high level I could be standing in front of someone and they couldn't see me. Seriously.

The building Dragonreach has a lot of exploits available to sneaky archers, because I leveled up my archery and sneak a bunch of times there. I was able to unlock the 3x bow damage while sneaking talent, and this enabled me to one hit some people. Since my sneak was such at a high level, I pretty much just hide in a corner, or even stand right behind the Jarl and one shot him a bunch of times and he's kneeling. The Jarl is this NPC that can't die since he's required in the main quest story, so the game developers added a mechanic where vital NPCs can't be killed. You can bring his HP to 1 and then he gets on his knees but after a few seconds he stands up with recovered HP.

Since I'm in sneak mode the entire time, he doesn't notice who's attacking him, so I never get in trouble for attacking him. Usually a bunch of guards will come up if you come up and just attack him directly and he sees you. Since I'm basically invisible while sneaking around, I can just assassinate him over and over and gain experience and level up my sneak and archery even further. This game is too easy to exploit. I had so much fun today, every NPC in that entire building can't detect me when I'm sneaking so I have pretty much wiped out every non-essential NPC and have knocked out every essential NPC at least once. It's so fun because they can't see me.

Anyway I also joined the "Companions" and got the first dragon shout, although I don't have any dragon souls yet to be able to use that shout. During the quest to get that dragon shout, I one shotted every Draugr which are these scary zombie guys, with my bow and arrow. It was so cheap. If I got up and fight them directly, they would take out a good chunk of my hitpoints, but since I could sneak and attack with double damage (this was before I unlocked triple damage) I could one shot them.

Also I unlocked this "Expert" level picklock in the Companion's building and stole their Elven Bow, which is a high level item. It was coincidental that the "Unlock Point" was right at the spawn point basically, like as soon as the lockpicking screen came up, I just pressed "Unlock" and it worked. Wow. Later on I'd discover another expert lock, and I went through 14 lockpicks without picking it successfully. Yet this Elven Bow lock I unlocked instantly haha.

I stayed up all night playing Skyrim, even though I was sleepy and tired midway through. I should have just gone to sleep as soon as I felt sleepy and tired. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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