Jan. 14, 2021

Slept Early Today

8:39 PM (of Friday, January 15th 2021)

Today is Thursday, January 14th 2021 and hmm.... It was another normal day today. My timelog tracking was really bad today, so I'm just not going to include it. Much like yesterday, my day was fairly normal too.

I woke up this morning at around 6 AM, I studied security for about an hour, and then I felt like I had unlimited time to do whatever else. I think I spent the rest of the time just browsing the Internet before work started.

Work was alright. I finished the UI of an admin page today, and that was it. I'm still not done on the backend part, and my plan was to work on that tomorrow.

After work I think I played some Beat Saber for an hour, and then I played Skyrim for a while. I beat the Vampire quest by the Companions and then the next quest after that. I was attacking this like, half-castle two-tower location filled by bandits, and I listened to a DurianRider video about sleep in the background. He does not use any studies or anything, but it made sense to me what he said about sleeping earlier, that we're meant to go to sleep when the sun goes down, and the advice was to sleep at around 8 or 9 PM.

So I decided to try it out tonight. As soon as I started yawning, I just went to bed and lied down to go to sleep. Normally I'd resist my sleepiness and just sleep at like 12 AM or later, while just browsing the Internet the entire time, this time though I shut down my computer as soon as I felt tired and just went to bed. I fell asleep like a rock, pretty much instantly.

The results for this was amazing, which I'll describe in tomorrow's entry.

Written by JustMegawatt

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