Jan. 16, 2021

white stones | 10M, shaded, merle x2 | to a good home

November 8 – Everyone's favorite late-night guessing game: gunfire or fireworks? It's an empty game since I don't know the sounds well enough to distinguish, but there were a lot of them, followed by yelling and the sound of revving engines.

I always say to myself that my balcony wall will protect me as long as I'm sitting down. I'm not sure if that's actually the case, but it's 3-4 inches thick, pretty hefty.

November 26 – I kinda mentioned this before, but newbie is really disappointed that HGR doesn't like Minecraft. It's not just "aww, you don't enjoy a game I like." newbie had this whole vision of an online multiplayer game that would be like a big clubhouse for vgmc5, and any of us could drop in at any time to come hang out; and he decided that Minecraft was ideal for that purpose. So it's not really about Minecraft as a game. It's about the kind of social space that he wanted to construct.

Today on Discord, he had an extended discussion with HGR about alternative hangout/clubhouse games. HGR mentioned League of Legends, which prompted newbie to rant for an hour straight about how much he hates League. It's tough for newbie.

December 20 – listening to Epica – Universal Death Squad and I still cannot hear the word "retribution" aloud without thinking "retributiON = get ON the boss"

December 22 – HGR dreamed that he was in the FF7 world and needed to return to Midgar. To get back inside, you have to climb an enormous golden shiny wire of hope. It's like an hour-long climb, and you can die at any point if you fall off, and even after you reach the top there's a gliding section and you can die if you miss Midgar. But there was an FF7 event in Midgar, so HGR had to do it.

Apparently this is a recurring dream for him. He thinks it symbolizes the difficulty of getting the team together for raid.

December 23 – "Do I actually want all these sausages on my head? I'm not sure."

When I woke up, HGR was streaming the game Stephen's Sausage Roll. Apparently, he saw that all the negative Steam reviews said it was too hard, so he bought it.

"All right! We have half-cooked a sausage, guys."

"Everything is sausages."

"I can only climb this ladder when I have sausages on my head or I've skewered a sausage. I don't know why."

"I have no plan. I have no idea how to do this level"

"I'm gonna start rolling around. Rolling around at the speed of— FUCK I burned the sausage"

January 12 – It's been eight days since I went downtown for my dentist appointment, and I'm not feeling so great. Is it covid?? Catalog of symptoms: I've been experiencing mild to moderate fatigue and loss of appetite for the past two or three days, although I'm not sure if the fatigue is physical or just lack of motivation. I slept poorly last night. Now my stomach is churning and I feel generally bad all over. But my sense of taste and smell are fine. No cough. No fever. No shortness of breath. Basically, no classic covid symptoms.

update (12:30 pm): The wolvden chat has been talking about BBQ pizza and stuffed crust pizza and calzones, and now I'm hungry. Thanks for having my back, guys.

update (1/13): Back to normal! Feeling spry. Wonder what that was about. My roommate suggested I might've been fighting off some non-covid bug I caught on my sojourn outside. There are non-covid sicknesses, who knew.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Jan 17, 2021

Glad you didn't end up getting too sick! The sausage game sounds like it was pretty funny. I used to use mincecraft to hang out with my friends too, but we haven't done it in a long time now.

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