Jan. 17, 2021

Cleaned Room, Threw Out Furniture, Shaved Again, Got Rank 19 In New Game

7:41 AM (of Monday, January 17th 2021)

Today is Sunday, January 16th 2021 and it was a very productive day today in the morning, and then not so productive in the afternoon. I got 6 hours of sleep the night before, so not that much. I think I need around 8 hours of sleep to be fully productive and awake. I started the day by sort of planning what I would do the rest of the day. On paper it made sense, but it was hard to execute on since that required discipline and not for me to get distracted, when I don't get much sleep I don't have much discipline. Even if that's not true, that gives me a great excuse to not be as productive when I get a small amount of sleep, and hopefully subconsciously boosts me when I do.

I ate a great breakfast again today, same exact whole food plant based as yesterday but this time with an avocado. I also ate a bunch of different fruits this morning like a banana, blackberries, three oranges, blueberries, and raspberries, with some peanuts. Diversity of plants which means diversity of fiber is key to gut microbiome health, so the more diverse the amount of different plants I eat is the better. I felt pretty good throughout the day, just full of energy even though I didn't get much sleep. I could have walked for hours had I chosen to go outside.

This is what my timelog looked like today:

  • Physical 1:09
  • Beat Saber 0:39
  • Walking 0:30
  • Intermediary 9:05
  • Preparing Food 0:22
  • Eating 0:48
  • Sleeping 5:00
  • Pooping 0:07
  • Showering 0:12
  • Shaving 0:46
  • Grooming 0:50
  • Napping 1:00
  • Organization 3:48
  • Journal 2:40
  • Cleaning Room 1:08
  • Productive 0:04
  • Desktop 0:04
  • Unproductive 9:54
  • Browsing 1:38
  • Gaming 8:00
  • Online Shopping 0:16

I played some Beat Saber in the morning before breakfast, and then caught up on my journals. After that I went to take a shower probably for the first time this year, according to my timelog the last time I showered was in December 10th. I sweat basically daily playing Beat Saber, I change out of 2-3 shirts a day because each time I play I have sweat going down pass my breasts in front and down to my lower back in the back. Yet no one has every complained about me smelling bad. I play in the living room, sweating a lot, and no complaints about any odor. I can also smell myself, and I smell like nothing, or I smell a shirt that was dripping with sweat the day before but is dried up now, and it smells like nothing.

In contrast I was working out at a gym with a friend back in 2016 roughly, and we went close to midnight so the gym was completely empty. There was actually just me and him, but then this third person comes in and as he started working out, started smelling extremely foul. I think my friend signaled me to leave the building with him using the backdoor, and so we left leaving all our stuff in the gym lockers. When we got outside we started talking about how there was this ridiculous smell likely coming from that guy, and we just started laughing hysterically because that was the worst smelling person ever. He was pretty far away from us but we could smell him. We did the rest of our exercise outdoors, just running for an hour, because he smelled up the entire gym. When we got back in, he was in the bathroom, I literally held my breath as I grabbed my stuff from the lockers and ran out.

Anyway that's contrast to how I smell. If I smelled bad, my parents would have for sure made a comment about it out of the many dozens of times they walked very close to me as I sweat and played Beat Saber. They make comments all the time about other things, so they probably assume I take a shower every weekday morning since they're at work and don't know what I do during the day. I don't take those showers though. I just don't smell bad. That's a great thing.

So back to today. I was going to take a shower, but before that, I felt like my hair needed a trim. So I put this razor on level 7 and I started running it around my hair, and, nothing. I did this for like 10 minutes and a bunch of hair was cut, but it looked like all my hair was still there. What was happening is that some hair was getting cut, but the longer hair still blocked it out, and there was a lot of longer hair. I was like, screw it, let me just shave everything again, so I did. I shaved my head, my beard, my chest, armpits, and my groin. I kept the hair on my arms and legs but maybe I should have shaved it? I also kept my eyebrows, since I'm not sure if it grows back. I took a shower after that. My parents made a bunch of comments and then I cleaned up my room.

My room had a bunch of items piled up in its corners, because I didn't have anywhere else to place them. I cleaned up two corners today by consolidating all those items into different locations and into one of the corners. So now two corners look spotless, and this third corner has some extra items there, but I dispersed things well enough by putting things into the closet, bookshelves, underneath my bed, and etc, that it looks much cleaner overall. My desk was also broken, It was literally this very wobbly desk with two legs tilting inwards barely attached, and screws coming off all the time underneath which I had to pick up from the floor and screw back on. The desk was also curving downwards from the weight placed on top, and there's a bunch of other broken qualities which are hard to describe. Like All 4 legs are only "half-way" screwed in, because this desk is actually the center part out of 3, and each leg has 4 screws, two attach to different desks, so half of each leg was jutting out for that connection with the other desk parts. I don't know if that made sense.

My mom kept wanting me to replace this desk with the one desk in the kitchen, and I've just not cared enough to do so for years. Literally years. Today I was like, ok, let's throw this out, and I cleared out the desk, and moved it to the kitchen and disassembled it, then moved the desk from the kitchen in. Easy. Now I had this super clean room, super clean body, and it was lunchtime, so I ate the same thing I ate that morning. At around 1:30 PM I wanted to look for another game to try out, so I just browsed online for a while. Man I felt so bored.

I took a nap at around 2:30 PM for an hour, and I found a new game when I woke up. Some game that came out December 29th 2020, it had bad reviews, and it was a new online game that looked similar to Maplestory. Heck yeah let's play this. I played this game and tried out all their different classes first before sticking with one. I played each class from level 1 to level 6 to get a feel of each class, and the one I enjoyed the most was the Archer class, so I chose that as my main. My character was named "Rifle".

There's barely anyone that plays this game, but I got invited to join this guild called "Legend" and there's literally only like 3 guilds in the entire game. Like not that many. Anyway I play this game for a long time, and I do very well. Eventually the number one guild in the game wants to recruit me, ooooh big deal right, and so I leave my current guild "Legend" and try to join this other guild but it won't let me since you can't join another guild for 24 hours after leaving one. When I left that guild, some guild members in Legend were like "Hey Rifle why did you leave?" and I was like "Some other guild wanted me" LOLOL there's like only 2 other guilds in the entire game but I felt so high in demand holy crap.

So there is this ranking system in PVP where you can 1vs1 other players. I got rank 19 in these 1vs1 games. Let's say there's like 3000 players total in this game, rank 19 is pretty freaking good. I'm higher ranking than the people who recruited me into either guild which is pretty incredible. I played this game for like 9 hours today because it was so addicting and so fun to me. It got bad reviews and I know it sucks in a lot of ways, but it's fun enough for me and I think this is my new game.

I'll play this whenever I'm bored or whatever, just for fun, since I'm one of the top players in the game after playing it for the first time today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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