Jan. 18, 2021

Gamed All Day To Get Rank 9

8:38 AM (of Tuesday, January 19th 2021)

Today is Monday, January 18th 2021 and it was a holiday today, Martin Luther King day, so I had no work. I knew this day was coming and back on Friday, I'd probably have predicted myself spending the entire day studying or something. Instead, what I mainly did today was just keep on playing Granage, since I was able to get a high rank yesterday, I figured I could go even higher.

I made a new character because I felt like I could have made some better decisions about some things, and I spent most of the morning levelling him up to level 20. That's when you get your second class and when I really saw my winning streak improve. It takes about 1 hour to get to level 12, and then progressively slower after that. At 20, it takes about 1 hour to level up after. I've not reached level 30+ yet, but I assume that takes 3 hours per level at that point.

Unlike MapleStory, this game doesn't feel like a grind. There are quests in the game, and that's actually the primary way of levelling up, by doing quests. It's mainly a solo game too, because there are so few players in the game. It would be more of a party-oriented game, playing with a group, if there were more players, but there's barely any as is. I was able to get to rank 19 so quickly after just one day of playing because of how few players there are and how little competition there is.

Anyway I liked seeing my name up on the high scores, so I decided to keep on going. I got my new character up to level 20, and then I bought him some of the best gear at that level. Someone was selling an epic cannon for $1 at the auction house, real money, and to me it was a fair price to get an epic item (which are very hard to find). I especially wanted this because my character was mainly going to be for PVP, and I wasn't going to have him beaten by other players due to lacking good equipment.

So anyway I just spent most of the day grinding XP and 1v1 games. In 1v1, you play against another player if there is another player searching for a match at the same time as you, if there aren't any other players searching, you pair up with an NPC to fight against. So I mainly just fight NPCs and they are really easy to beat once I got my second class.

When I was rank ~21 or so, I fought against a real player, my first and only real player match, against the rank 17 player Kimberlii or something like that. She was level 31 and I was level 22!! We were both the same class, Pistoler, but she was 9 levels higher than me. After your second class, you get these "Characteristic Points" which are akin to talent points in other games, and these drastically improve your abilities. That advantage alone should have meant I stood no chance. However, somehow, I was able to draw with her! Meaning we killed each other at the same time, except I actually killed her first and only died after because three were some straggling attacks yet to execute and hit me.

Anyway that did not contribute to a lose on my record, even though the screen said "LOSE", it was a draw. My current record in the game is more than 200 wins and 0 losses. I was able to get to Rank 9 tonight, just by grinding for hours and hours and hours and hours against NPCs. It took me about one hour to get to Rank 21, and then several hours to get to top 10, because the players there have grinded even longer. I don't even know how the Rank 1 player got to where he is, did he cheat or do something else somehow? He has 17,000 honor points to get Rank 1, I have in contrast, like 1500 honor paints to get to rank 9. It took me hours and hours to grind this by the way. How the heck does he have 17,000?

Anyway now that I've spelled out that it took me 1 day to get 1500 honor, I can probably get 6000 honor after a week and get Rank 3. The rank 3 guy right now has 4500 honor, and the rank 2 guy has 11,000. The first guy as we know has 17,000. It's going to take a very long time, but it will be doable. I'll have to balance my time though with other important tasks, and make sure it's not completely taking up my time, which right now it arguably is.

Anyway that was my day today, I'll post my timelog later. It was like 11 hours of gaming or something like that. Crazy day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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