Jan. 19, 2021

Appiled for Associate's Degree Graduation, Joined Best Guild in Granage

9:48 PM

The only reason I'm not playing Granage right now is due to server maintenance, which started at 9 PM and it lasts for 3 hours. No way am I going to be staying up that late to play.

Anyway I woke up this morning at around 6 AM, getting only around 6 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. It's not bad but it's not great. This is probably above average for me though, unfortunately. What did I do this morning? I woke up, I played Beat Saber for half an hour as exercise, then I think I ate some breakfast and after that I played Granage for a while until around 8:30 AM, then I worked on writing yesterday's entry.

Work started after that, and it was a typical work day. I probably only played Beat Saber once the entire time though. I had crazy focus and attention though. I think having this kind of insane focus on video games, carries over to other activities such as work. However, the difference is that video games give a dopamine hit every few minutes or even every few seconds, while work doesn't. During work, I actually had thoughts like "I can't wait to play Granage again, omg" I was so hooked.

It felt like I was attending school again. Remember high school when you probably thought, I can't wait for school to end so I can do X activity at home. Right? Pretty much every day? I had that same feeling again. I actually had nothing to look forward to after work, majority of the time. Now that I have Granage, it's like, I can't wait to play it after work. I remember in 3rd grade, my parents rented for me Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube at Hollywood Video (a business exactly like Blockbuster) but it was 9 PM and bedtime so I coludn't play it until tomorrow. Then when I woke up I played it for a few minutes after breakfast before school started, and then the entire school day I just couldn't wait to get home and play.

I got that same feeling again today. There was literally nothing stopping me from turning on the game during work and playing, however I have enough discipline not to do that. I have heard stories though of people at my company literally just watching Cricket all day, publicly, and everyone else can see them doing nothing but watch Cricket too. They brought in a big monitor to work apparently and just watched it all day. They apparently didn't have any work to do so that's all they did. I could play Granage during work, but that's such a bad look. I'd rather wait until after work.

After work that's all I did. I just played Granage for 4 hours. Wow. Yeah. I played it from 5 PM to 9 PM, so that's 4 hours. That time went by instantly. I can't even remember doing anything else. It was instantaneous. I gained two levels during that time, levelling from 27 to 29, or maybe it was 26 to 29. I won like 30 1v1 games against NPCs. And I joined the rank 1 guild in the game, Merakai. This guild is a lot more active than Legend, and the guild members are so nice!! They're so friendly!! They're talking all the time about things and overall just so nice and accepting. Legend was nice too, but eh, they were more stern. These guys are chill.

The best of the best players are in this guild. I think his name is, Mirakles, he's the #1 Assassin player in the game. There's other top players like him in the guild too. I hope I can reach the top rank in this game too with my class. Sure I'm rank 9, but I'm not the top Pistoler (my class) in the game. This game is so brand new, the top players don't have such a big headstart. I can get to their level too, eventually.

Ah, I also applied for my Associate's Degree audit for graduation today. My school advisor said I could request my Associate's Degree since I fulfilled all the requirements, while continuing to study for a Bachelor's. Good deal, I'll take it. Ideally, I would quit Granage and continue studying getting new certifications. So why don't I do that? Because I'm a fool.... Wait, there's literally nothing stopping me from doing that other than my boredom and difficulty of studying. It's quite a battle though We'll see. I'll try to get an hour of studying tomorrow and every day after.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jan 20, 2021

Glad you found a game you enjoy. I don't have anything that gives me that feeling anymore and I miss it. I can't really replicate it. There's just nothing I'm that into right now, maybe because of depression. Good luck with the degree stuff

Posted On Jan 21, 2021

@iyazo I was bored for several days before finding this new game and it would have been boring too if not for the raking system. I've seen practically every anime and read every manga from my boredom. I also buy adult videos to relieve some boredom. Having too much freedom can be limiting too, sometimes it's better to be forced to do things (like work and school)

Posted On Jan 21, 2021

@iyazo *Ranking

Posted On Jan 21, 2021

@JustMegawatt Yeah I get that. I have no work or school to worry about so I lead a rather undisciplined life which isn't very fulfilling and I've wondered if somehow that lack of restriction is why- nothing is special anymore. Sometimes when I get bored I can't focus on anything because of my ADHD though, so I have times when I am really unproductive...can't even make progress watching an anime or something. I don't have a lot of extra money to put into games or adult stuff unfortunately... otherwise I'd definitely be subscribed to a few of my friend's only fans to be honest.

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