Jan. 20, 2021

Re-Installed Windows 10, Got Rank 7 but not feeling good about it

10:15 PM

Can one dominate too much? I got to rank 7 this morning. When I started out at the bottom being brand new to the game, it felt like quite a world to conquer. something difficult and something I couldn't feasibly do. In fact I didn't even know a ranking system existed yet, being so brand new to the game. Now that I'm getting closer to the top, I'm just not feeling that great about it.

It's similar in other games, I don't like winning all that much. For some reason I like being in second place more. It's the same in Beat Saber, I'm probably one of the top 2000 players in that game too, due to having my high scores for most songs rank in the top 2000, and nowadays I'm usually winning most my online games. However, I always like it more when I'm in second place, feeling like there's someone better than me and I can improve myself to get there. When I'm winning, I question why I'm winning, because I know how good I am and I'm not that good.

I like it when there's a person in second place, and I miss a note as a person in first place, and the second person overtakes me. Then I can catch up again by hitting perfect notes and surpass that person again. Those are the best, I like competition like that. It's not often though, usually when I'm winning I'm dominating and I can miss a bunch of notes and still keep my lead.

Anyway, screw it, I'm going to dominate Granage. I'll reach rank 1, hopefully. I don't know if I can do it, but I'll try. There actually is some competition, and I guess that's a good thing. Just a handful of people I'm competing against though, not that many people.

Anyway I did a quick 1v1 in the morning as my first match, and lost. That was the first match I lost, and I did another match, lost again. Weird. It turns out overnight, they increased the difficulty of the bots, so now I was losing against them constantly but was not losing as much honor points as expected. When I won against them too, I got 40 honor points instead of the regular 5. With this, it was feasible to get the 18,000 points needed for rank 1.

8:28 AM (of Tuesday, January 21st 2021)

It wouldn't last though. When I played the game again after work, and work was just another normal day, I started matching against the weak bots again that only gave out 5 honor points per win. I have over 300 matches now, more than 300 wins because I had to grind these games to get the over 2000 honor points I have, at 5 honor points a match.

After work I re-installed Windows 10. Apparently you don't even need a product key ($130) to use it. I'm using Windows 10 right now as I type this, and all it has is "Please activate Windows" on the bottom right of my desktop. No wait, I just minimized, it doesn't even have that! So I think there are some limitations to an un-activated Windows 10, but I'm not seeing or experiencing any.

I played Granage until I felt tired and went to sleep. I'm down to Rank 9 again after achieving Rank 7 this morning. I guess the people I surpassed woke up and were like "nuh-uh not happening" and they pushed me back down. I think there are several people in the top 10 who are in full on competitive mode. To get to the top 10 now you need minimum 2000 honor points. The person in rank 14 has 1002 points (the people in between that have a range from 1000 to 2000). But yeah there's a huge gap between Rank 10 and Rank 14 and later. I have about 2600 points right now.

Also I bought a $15 in-game dress kit. It's to get some advantage in the game. Some of my guild members have already spent $100+ on this game alone to get that similar advantage. It's like a lottery of what items you get though. I got very lucky and got a weapon as a dress item which gave me a huge boost and advantage. It's seriously powerful. Another guildmate told me they bought 4 packs ($60) before they got their first weapon. Nice, I got extremely lucky here.

Some people are saying "this is a dying game" but it's literally brand new, less than a month old, so I expect the population and such to pick up after a few months. I want to create a dominating lead before that happens.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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