Jan. 21, 2021

Restarted Habitica Challenges, Caught up on Photos, Rank 7 Again

11:45 PM

Today was a fine day. When I woke up this morning, first thing I worked on was restarting the Habitica challenges I hosted. It's a very typical process which takes about an hour total for choosing winners, closing each challenge, posting winner announcements, and remaking all 5 challenges I host. Someone in the Daily Journal challenge who won last time, won again this time. It was quite unexpected but I don't screw around with the results, whoever gets randomly chosen first wins. Also there was another member who DMed me a few days ago asking if I could send them the link to the vegan challenge once the new one started again, awesome.

After that I worked on uploading my weight loss photos to my private weight loss log. I'm supposed to do this every day this month, but sometimes I skip a few days and then I have to spend some time catching up and uploading the photos from the days I missed. It gets really hard if I miss more than a week, just because of how many photos there are and the differing dates they were uploaded.

7:27 AM (of Friday, January 22nd 2021)

So after the photos I worked on catching up on yesterday's (Wednesday's) journal entry. Quite a production morning getting three tasks done straight away. I played Granage after that, I was level 29 and I just gained a bit more experience almost leveling up to 30 before I had to quit because work would start soon.

At work, I completed six of these doughnut charts for the data on an admin's dashboard. It doesn't sound like it takes a long time to do, but it took me the whole day. I'm almost done with the all current items I'm working on for this client, there are just other data points I need to populate on the page and then we're set. I also did some quick bug fixes for them.

At work as well, during lunchtime, I played Granage for a bit. There is something called "Production Gathering" in the game, and that refers to the secondary skills or professions a character can have. They can mine, fish, or harvest wood. Apparently the best way to level up these abilities is to just leave your computer on and AFK while your character is gathering. So I just let my character gather resources while I afked.

After work, I leveled up my character to level 32. I went on some group dungeon runs with Jenny, Orion, and I think aR. These are some of the top players in the game, seriously. We were able to complete the Four Doors level and this other one called Stairway very quickly. They basically carried me, since they were max level while I was level 30ish. I also did the colloseum run for the first time, and I got 14 minutes 39 seconds in my first run. I probably lost a minute getting lost in the stage. I also did this one stage with Fucuk, and we both lagged a lot. I think he lived in Europe and our game just lagged as we played, we failed that level twice due to lag and he was juts cussing the entire time in frustration.

Overall by the end of the day I got to level 32, and I got to rank 7 again. I was just a few games away from reaching Rank 5, because of how close we all were in points at this stage. I was less than 100 points basically, to get to Rank 5, which I could have done anytime. However, I guess I 'strategically' stayed behind, because I was done for the day and I didn't want to wake up to a bunch of competition. I can surpass them all and get rank 5 tomorrow, is what I was contemplating.

After that I played Beat Saber for an hour while my character mined or chopped wood. I played with this guy named CWBlue and he's probably better than "Hooded" something I played against the other day. So I chose these mildly difficult songs, Turn Me On and Lvl Insane, and he was able to complete those and win easily. I got second place in both songs. Then someone chose Light It Up, and I failed that, but he was able to complete it! After that we played Exit The Earth's Atmosphere and he was able to complete that too! Then we played Light It Up AGAIN, and he was again able to complete it! We played some more songs after that, but dang this guy has superhuman stamina to play those kinds of songs and keep on going.

They released a new Beat Saber patch today too. They updated the floors in multiplayer to have these arrow things. Previously everyone juts stood on the ground floor, and there was nothing fancy. Now there's this fancy arrow that we stand on. Also the gameplay is a lot better, the online arena looks brighter with more light sources in-game, and if you fail a song in multiplayer, you don't lose right away. You get to keep playing! That's an awesome new feature they added.

Anyway that was my whole day today, in a good amount of detail.

Written by JustMegawatt

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