Jan. 22, 2021

Assembled New Chair, Got Rank 5

10:22 PM

When I woke up this morning, there wasn't really much for me to do. I caught up on my journal entries first, and that was it. I just played Granage again this morning and I think I was level 31 this morning, right? In PVP I got pushed back down to Rank 9 because other people got ahead of me as I was asleep. Everyone from rank 5 to rank 10 is very close to one another, so I was able to get rank 7 again very early morning before work started.

For work today, like I said in yesterday's entry, the only things I had left to do was populate some areas in the admin dashboard page with the correct data. There was also one other page I had to update. Anyway, I had it planned that those were the two things I would work on. Other things got in the way though, I was asked to revise some things and update other things here and there, so I got those done first since those changes were more urgent. By the end of the day, I didn't have enough time to complete the two things I wanted to complete today, but I did get a bit of them done.

During lunchtime I turned Granage on again and I just gathered resources in-game. It's so weird how I wasn't doing any of this just a week ago, and now it's like I don't know how I lived without it. I just love being a top player in a game, and in the rank 1 guild, the guild leader Jenny promoted me to "Elite" ranking in the guild, which is an honor.

A guildmate named Snow, who is rank 2 in the leaderboards, sent me a free level 30 epic item for my class. I was so grateful because an item like this is worth like $2, maybe more, of real money. Well it can be worth anything actually, but an item like this would probably go for around $2 in the auction house. Anyway this was an extremely rare item, emphasis on extremely, because I have never gotten a level 30 epic item, and I've done a bunch of level 30+ dungeon runs over and over and over again. Anyway I sent them some random, but valuable items and they were like "Lol stop sending me items, just take the item for free and enjoy XD".

I randomly dueled a bunch of people today. In the game you can click on someone and click "Request a fight" and then you can duel someone in-game. I challenged a bunch of people to duel, the lowest was a level 3. I'm level 32 or something at this point, and a level 3 wouldn't be able to damage me much even even if I was AFK. It was funny challenging them though, but they declined to duel. I was only able to duel about 7-8 people total today, but I challenged probably 12 people.... So technically more people accepted than not.

One person who I lost against was Fucuk. He was level 33, and I was level 31. To be frank, I didn't want to win against him. He cusses a lot when something bad happens, so if I was able to beat him as a lower level, he would be pissed in the game at me, so when he got to low health I intentionally didn't continue casting any spells. I instead ran away, a sign of not being able to fight back, when in fact I intentionally didn't cast any finishing blows. He did get me by surprise though, when I turned around and I was going to hit him weakly to lower his health a bit more, and then he just ends up killing me. Good job.

In contrast, when I was rank 7, I fought against the Rank 5 player, Gutted, who is another guild member. Gutted is level 37, and much stronger than Fucuk. I was level 32 at the time I think, and I searched for a 1v1 PVP match. Most of the time you get paired up with bots, so they're nothing to worry about. This time though, I got paired with a real player, Gutted. Like I said before, he's 5 levels higher and rank 5. It doesn't seem like much, but 5 levels is a huge strength gap. If I were at that level, whew, I'd be able to clear dungeons easily that I'm having difficulty with at 33.

My match against Gutted wasn't a duel, it was a ranked PVP match. When you go up to someone and cilck "Challenge to Fight", that's just a friendly sparring match basically. It doesn't go on your record or anything. My match with Gutted was a real match. we both clicked on "Challenge PVP" (which most of the time pairs you with bots) at the same time, and these go on your permanent record. Guess who won? Me, level 32, or Gutted, level 37? I won. I had half my health left too. I think I'm very cheap in these battles. I don't like my opponent hitting me, so I try not to let them, and I snipe them from a distance instead. That's how I won. Though probably from Gutted's perspective I just kept running around and was frustrating to try to hit, while I threw attacks out and damaged Gutted as he tried to get me.

I think Kimberlii may have quit the game because of me. Kimberlii is that person who was level 31 and I was level 22, and we both tied in our match even though we were the same class and she was much higher level than me. Also technically I won since I got them first and I only died after from her leftover attacks that came at me after she was already dead. However, my screen told me "Lose" but it didn't give me a win or a loss. Her screen probably said "Lose" too, and she probably thought she genuinely lost against against someone much lower level. How embarrassing! Seriously. If I was level 33, like I am right now, and I lost against a level 21 in a duel, which btw I dueled a few low 20s and upper 20s people today and they stood 0 chance against me, I would be extremely embarrassed. Our match wasn't a duel either though, it was an official PVP match.

Anyway I got to level 33 today. It was a grind. That's the best way to describe it. A grind.

Ah and the new chair I ordered arrived. It's a DXRacer replica basically, got it for $106. It has the same look and same exact features basically as a real DXRacer chair, but it's not as expensive and not as high quality as the real thing. Obviously I prefer the genuine, but that's $450. I'd rather get my imitation chair for cheap. The chair is made by HironPal and it looks and feels like the real thing.

I was able to pass Gutted today and get Rank 5. We are approaching Jenny, who is rank 4 and just a few more games away from us (rank 5 and 6). I'm expecting to pass her in a day or two if she doesn't get her score up. She's my guild leader too, one of the first players in the game, is already the max level, and has done a bunch of great stuff for me. This is why I want Gutted to go up with me. I don't want to pass Jenny alone, it feels awkward, like she just looks at the leaderboards one day and she's like "whoa, you're a higher rank than me now?" If Gutted and I both passed her, then I wouldn't feel as awkward.

So I'm rank 5 now Gutted. What are you going to do? Are you going to get your Rank 5 back or what? Come take it back, and I'll take it again from you. Then we can both silently surpass Rank 4 and be on our way to top 3.

Anyway that was my day today. I'm really sleepy now and having nothing else to add, so I'm just gonna go to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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