April 5, 2020

Failed Attempt

Where I'm at, there's this coffee that's really trending right now called Dalgona Coffee where it's basically like a reversed cappuccino. Milk on the bottom and foamy coffee on top. I see it a lot in my instagram and thought I should give it a try. It was a flop though. I guess I used the wrong type of coffee(?). It's supposed to be instant coffee which I did use, though mine was the type that would leave residue on the bottom so probably that's why it didn't foam even after 15 minutes of mixing. Safe so say, I was totally sad about it :')

The rest of the day went by normally and it rained around 3 PM ish and so the weather reminded me of a dish best enjoyed in a chilly day; Seblak. If you're familiar with the orange fried shrimp crackers, then you're gonna understand this. Seblak is basically boiled crackers with kwetiau, chinese mustard greens, eggs and chili peppers. But you can enhance it by adding other things to fill it with~ For example, yesterday I added hotdogs. Hahahaha. This came out great and so I wasn't that sad anymore about my failed attempt at the dalgona coffee~

And at night, I watched Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness back to back which made me even happier! Really really really love Star Trek so much! I'd probably write more about that in my blog post tonight kikikik~

Written by shaiduck

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