Jan. 23, 2021

Got Rank 4

7:03 AM (of Sunday, January 24th 2021)

Today is Saturday, January 23rd 2021 and I didn't really do much today except for play Granage. In the morning, I had some educational videos going on in the background while I played the game, honestly though I doubt I was learning much because of how diverted my attention was. I did catch up on my photos again today because I was behind a day, and I did some other productive organizational tasks today too, so it wasn't such a waste of a day. I also went outside and walked for around 10 minutes today too, however I did do adult activities twice because of how much time was available and that was a bad decision.

I ate entirely whole food plant based today and was very energetic and felt in a good mood the entire day. I probably only spent $3 in food total today. One thing I had was I boiled some potatoes and then added barbecue sauce as a substitute for gravy. Holy crap this tasted amazing, identical to meat I used to eat with barbecue sauce. It's hilarious that the back of the sauce bottle says "great with..." and then goes off to name several meat products since meat is bland alone. People don't realize all the flavor comes from plants and salt through added seasonings, herbs, spices, sauces. You can add any of these to any vegan dish such as literally just rice and have it taste just like how the mercilessly slaughtered dead animal body would taste. So there's no reason to take an animal's life every time we eat or at all actually.

People also don't think potatoes have much nutrition, but humans can live entirely off of mostly potatoes with a bit of other plants and be nutritionally adequate they would just need to supplement B12. There was an entire month in 2019 I ate nothing but potatoes and I did all my regular activities without a hitch, walked over 10k steps a day, was very productive at work, no coffee or other stimulants either. Other people have done similar things, with someone doing a daily vlog on YouTube of eating nothing but potatoes for a year. I think the best argument though is that it's been used as a substitute for breast milk for toddlers for orphaned kids in poor countries, and it allowed them to grow up healthily like other kids.

I played some Beat Saber for around half an hour in the morning, and I wanted to play a bunch more throughout the day but just ended up not doing so, was too busy playing Granage.

I ended up getting rank 4 today quite early in the morning, doing PVP matches while no one else was awake. Later in the day I would face off against Gutted again in a PVP match, and I lost. They were level 38 this time, and the stage was more flat, also I kinda went slightly easier on them since I didn't want them to quit like Kimberlii did. She hasn't logged on since I beat her and she's fallen down in the rankings a lot. So I didn't go all out this match and lost, but that was fine.

I dueled Fucuk again today, and it turns out his name is Sucuk not Fucuk. I have been messing that up this whole time. So he was level 35, I was level 34. I wanted to see how I would fare against him if I used all my strength and showed no mercy. Well I won by a lot. I won with like 98% of my health intact, he didn't stand any chance whatsoever. We dueled again twice after because he cussed after losing and wanted a rematch. I went very easy on him the next two matches, using nothing but normal attacks, no spells, because I wanted him to win, and I still almost won. I was kinda frustrated with how easily I almost won even if I used no spells and he was higher level than me.

My character and class is probably overpowered, or maybe it's my skill level. I was able to beat a level 31 as a level 22, given our classes were the same and they had far better gear, more talent points, more attribute points, yet I still won, so maybe it's that.

There were also some duels I had with max levels, level 40s. I didn't stand any chance against them whatsoever! I thought I would since I'm thinking my character is overpowered or something, but I tried without mercy and still lost by a lot. I fought against this player named Caim twice, and he destroyed me. Completely annihilated me, and this was me trying to win. I also fought against this other max level player name McMage and he destroyed me too. McMage was an easier opponent to me, I got them down to lower health than Caim who I barely touched. However McMage always beats Caim in duels, they probably dueled 5 or more times after my comment that Caim was the strongest person I dueled, and Caim lost each time.

I got up one level today. I had to grind again, doing this one dungeon over and over to get the level. I get one bar per dungeon and there's 20 bars total per level. So I'd have to run through the dungeon roughly 20 times to get a level. It takes like 20 minutes per dungeon run. That's grinding. Also I say roughly a bar, because it's slightly less than a bar. So I have to probably do a dungeon more times than 20 per level. I could probably have some educational content running in the background as I did these dungeon runs, but I didn't.

Also I played some mini-games with people for the first time today. I beat most people because we played this game called Omok, and most people don't realize it's a connect 5 game. When you challenge someone and they accept, this Go board comes up, that Japanese game with the black and white stones and the grid-like board. So they're like "wtf is this?" and don't know how to play. But it's just connect 5, and you just have to connect 5 pieces together in a line to win. So I did that while confused players had no idea what was going on LOL. So yeah that was fun.

One last thing is that I got full level 30 epic gear today from McArcher. I bought his remaining epic gear for 100,000 gold, roughly half of all my money. I think that deal was more than beneficial for me. This is very hard to get gear, very hard. Sure it's going to be outdated once I get to level 40, but for now it's the best gear I can wear probably.

Written by JustMegawatt

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