Jan. 24, 2021

Still Rank 4, Gamed All Day

7:21 AM (of Monday, January 25th 2021)

Today is Sunday, January 24th 2021 and I just played Granage all day today. Dang I didn't even play Beat Saber to get a small workout once. In the morning when I woke up, I was still rank 4, but Caim who was rank 5 was getting pretty close, so I just spent all morning grinding PVP and widened the lead I had. The mistake that Caim made is that he didn't surpass me when he could have. I was probably asleep as he was grinding PVP points to get close to me, but his mistake was not following through and just surpassing me. So now that I'm awake and see the points he's accumulated and he's gotten very close to me, so I can just grind right back.

Each time I passed someone in the rankings, I made sure to keep a decent lead above them so that they get discouraged from trying to take it back, though I don't actually know if that does anything. So far everyone I surpassed has not surpassed me again. Most people aren't trying as hard as me though, probably the top 3 ranking guys will put up a big fight. The rank 1 guy is immovable and the rank 2 and 3 guys are active, online daily. I don't know anything about the first place ranking guy, I have not seen him once since I started playing, but his score is double the 2nd place ranking person's. He may have quit? This is a small game so if you are online often you will eventually encounter every other player at least once.

The difference between Rank 4 and Rank 3 is enormous. I'm currently Rank 4 and I'm over a thousand points behind the person in Rank 3. That's around 3 hours of grinding non-stop to get to. Actually I don't know how many hours that would take, I should really time it and see how many points I can get in an hour. Once I pass the rank 3 guy, I think he's not going to take that lying down. He got kicked out from the guild after bragging a bunch and starting up drama after beating some other players in PVP apparently, he's not going to take lightly to me surpassing him. He will probably double down and grind PVP for hours and hours and hours after I pass him.

Anyway throughout the day I just did a bunch of dungeons and quests with Sucuk and Caim. We just did a bunch of dungeons in death difficulty, and that was fun.

I got this lucky drop title "Tazza's Hand Technique" which gives me +5% accuracy, +5% evasion, and +14% increased chain arts damage. It only lasts 1 week though. I got it from a mini-game consumable chest item. I also played Sucuk and McMage in Omok (connect 5) again.

For food today, it was probably a $3 day today. Whole food plant based again, in the morning a plate of rice, broccoli, carrots, chopped potatoes, green pea pods, ground flax seed, mushrooms, and that was it. No second plate of that. For lunch I ate probably like 6 potatoes with barbecue sauce, and that tasted same as I described yesterday. Random snack in the evening I ate one banana and two oranges. Finally for dinner some kale with chips on top, and that was all I ate for the day. Actually chips aren't a whole food, but they're the exception I make.

One random item I bought from the PVP store is this "Wreath of Glory" which requires viscount rank, which I am, and it just has this ancient Greek sort of wreath floating above my head and a bunch of leaves falling down from it in animation. It's a very cool item, only costs...

7:38 AM (of Tuesday, January 26th 2021)

Only costs 10 battle points, and I have over a thousand, so it wasn't a bad purchase I guess. Today I also think I charged another $20 to buy some more epic items for the highest level which I'm not even at yet. Each item was about $5. I figured it takes hours and hours to get these items, because they're incredibly rare, and this would enable me to become even more powerful in the game once I reached max level, so I figured it was a fair deal.

Anyway that was my day today. I can't recall anything else that happened really.

Written by JustMegawatt

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