Jan. 26, 2021

How does this website earn money?

I was trying to figure out the ways all the websites I use make a profit. I checked out the privacy policy of AYA.T, and it said you can make donations? But I don't see how you can do that.

Written by Quarter

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Posted On Jan 26, 2021

This website hasn't made any money yet, it's 100% free, no external trackers, ads, or anything either. One idea we had for earning money was to start up a podcast and people could pay to be interviewed but no one signed up for it. We'll probably do some premium features later where users can pay a monthly subscription fee for extra site features. If you want to donate, please email ayearagotoday@outlook.com and we'll set it up.

Posted On Jan 27, 2021

@AYearAgoToday Woah, interesting. Really hope the plan pans out because this website is pretty cool.

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