Jan. 7, 2021

Ramblings and Dream

It’s true, there are indeed times of distraught between the two of us that tears our love apart; however, as history has retold time and time again, this separation is only for a minuscule fraction of our forever lives together. A fight, a disagreement may keep us away from our hearts, but as time moves on from petty arguments, we will come back together and find that both of us missed the other’s encompassing light that shows throughout the frigid bitter cold winds of nights alone.


An empty setting sits here underneath the city we believed to be the future of innovation and brilliant advancement. And yet, as the sun and moon pass overhead far too many to recall, the hopes of the collective people wain and shrivel as livelihoods become stagnate in their daily lives. Day after day they go about their chores and duties silently bubbling with anticipation like a carbonated beverage, and still the same, for they have been sitting out open for too long, the carbonation dissipated leaving an unsatisfied liquid that the ones in charge will probably insist that the liquid be poured out and discarded. And, just like before, another drink will be cracked open only to repeat the turning back, of being ignored and forgotten to the point of loss.


What of lighting up the back end with a light that’s hardily in accordance to the minimum of wattage needed for function in said location. Would the product be on the receiving end of catastrophe if able to connect to an area of a higher level? It seems like a recipe for bringing on an overwhelming sensation, but maybe that is the ultimate goal.


For the mind, the music of others is an invasive species that ravishes thoughts with melodies loud enough to drown out the weaker voices trying to create thought. It is a problem for those that only wish to focus on the information the mind is trying to give, an unwanted disturbance in the thinking process. One may think they are alone with their own thoughts, and yet the outside world can easily penetrate, sneaking its way through nonexistent defenses.


Backwards: There is a plague popping up that is made for humans by demons. It shows up as a boil, bring along an intense burning sensation in the infected. After telling a girl that her fraternizing with a demon will no doubt damn her, a couple priests start walking off when suddenly the one mentioned feels a burning burst on his chest, overwhelming enough to make him stagger and collapse to his knees.

Once alone after hanging out at a couple of restaurants, a girl is talked to by a demon who tries to use her supposed loneliness to manipulate her. At least that’s what he tells himself each time he feels weird by her touches and kindness.

A girl is doing a quiz or filling out an online game sheet about what kind of clothing style would she would wear and the type of food she would eat at four different restaurants. The game menu switches over to a realistic setting where the girl is now actually going to these restaurants, trying out each one. A few things happen while traveling to these spots, both with setting and the continuous seeing of a particular person that she might have a small crush on.

Demon Scene: in the middle of a quiet street, she sits on the edge of a greenery curb watching her two maybe friends run home, hopefully in bright happy moods. Her gaze lingering towards the direction of which they left must’ve tickled the demon who had decided to make himself known. “Seems that if I stay around you for any longer I might catch secondhand loneliness,” he teases as he appears from silent, twisting puffs of smoke along her left. Her shoulders visibly droop, either from his comment or presence, he isn’t sure, possibly both, before she turns towards the nonchalant demon casually leaning against the raised curb beside her. She gives him a deadpan look along with a huff, the expression making him snort at her annoyance, and throws a pallid arm over her shoulder, bringing their faces close. After fishing out a small note from his pocket, he eagerly holds it towards her with a skewed toothy smile that strains his chapped lips and wrinkles the deep stains of blue under his charcoal eyes. Taking the offered paper, she looks away from his grin towards the few words on the note. The few seconds of silence that follows starts to make the vibrating anticipation in him sour as doubt racks his mind with the possibility that he messed up his assignment. Thankfully, that bubbling uncertainty is instantly washed away as she suddenly tightly hugs him. With one arm already around her, he throws the other over, pulling her closer and asking, “So, I did good?” With a nod against his neck, she whispers, “Yes, so good, thank you.”

Written by xandraxian

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