Jan. 26, 2021

Lost Rank 3, Played Beat Saber at my Peak

11:49 PM

Today has been an average and yet not so average day. Last night before going to sleep, I did some adult activities, and then the first thing I did when waking up this morning was do more adult activities. before I even got out of bed, I just couldn't help myself. It's not something I wanted to do or planned on doing, it's just impulse and strong feeling urges to do it.

Anyway that somehow did not ruin my day. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, and I used up a lot of energy in the morning, but that didn't drain me at all somehow. After eating a hearty meal of rice and vegetables with an avocado, I was feeling so wide and awake, ready to take on the day.

I signed into Granage, checked the rankings and saw that I lost my 3rd place ranking to Bio who as predicted, grinded for hours after I surpassed him and was able to get his rank back. In the morning though, I did more PVP searches and I matched up with him in PVP twice, and he ended up destroying me. He's the max level with some of the best gear in the game, so I didn't stand a chance. When I get to his level, hopefully I'm able to beat him, though due to how dominated I got it's so hard to imagine me standing a chance ever. There are 4 epic gear items waiting for me once I reach the max level though, I bought this with real money from other players. I just can't wear the gear yet.

Work was alright today, I just worked on some items for NW and we were able to solve some of their issues together.

During lunchtime I played Beat Saber again, the first time in a few days and I was playing at my best ever. Every note that came by just looked like it was going in slow motion, even those really fast repeating notes that are scrunched up together, looked like they were standing still, and I was able to hit them! Those kinds of notes were my weakness before, but wow I got them nailed today. The first song I played was Breezer, and I got a nearly perfect combo on that first game. Then we played Rattlesnake, again I got nearly a full combo. Then we played Boundless and surprise, another near perfect combo. This kept going for a while, and we eventually got to Crystallized.

Crystallized is one of the hardest songs in the game, it's in the top 5 hardest songs in the entire game. I was able to complete most of today. I survived all the way up to the point near the end when all those rapid notes start coming out. I lost at the very near beginning of that wave. However I would actually play this song again probably 3-4 more times throughout the day, and at night, just a few minutes ago, I was able to complete almost the entire rapid note section. I was really surprised at my abliities and how I was able to do that. I got almost near the end, but then I had distracting thoughts appear like "Holy sh#t I'm doing it, almost to the end..." and.... failed!

At that level when all those notes are going by extremely fast, your entire gameplay is subconscious. If you let some thoughts enter and your consciousness even slightly take over, you just fail because they distract your muscle memory even for just a bit. I was really frustrated that I lost, because I almost beat the song!

I also played Ghost again tonight. Someone just picked it for some reason and everyone voted for it and lost very quickly. Not me! I was actually able to survive a little bit of the beginning before failing. Wow I was able to hit those rapid notes! It's really annoying on the right arm though, I like it when the notes are balanced and both the left and right arms get equal amounts of notes or close to equal amounts, but Ghost is obviously leaning on the right more. In the beginning, it's like 90% of the notes are for the right arm, you are just moving it rapidly while the left arm barely gets any. I hate that.

Anyway there were a bunch of games I played tonight, and for the most part I was the best player in the game room. We would fill up games often with a full house of 5 players, and I'd win every game pretty much. I'd go on like 5 game winning streaks and then I lose one and get second. At my level, I have the capability of playing almost every song perfectly. The hard part is not missing a single note, which I don't think I have ever done yet for any Expert+ songs. There's always that one or two missed notes. It's so frustrating. For 100% certainty I can play a majority of these songs perfectly, but I always end up missing a note or two or more for some strange reason.

Also another hard song I was able to complete today was Turn Me On. I was able to beat this stage before earlier, but I credit that to luck. This time because I saw the rapid notes going in slow motion, I was able to hit all the parts I had difficulty with before, and I did it seemingly easily!! I was surprised I had any difficulty with those parts before, because they looked like they were going in slow motion, seriously.

Later at night though, probably the last game I played tonight,, I was playing this really easy song, Popstars by KDA, and it's easy as heck. I was sort of fatigued but not in a way that meant I couldn't hit the notes, but somehow I was missing really easy to hit notes. It made no sense. I was in last place for most of the beginning until everyone else failed the song somehow and I was the only survivor yet I performed terribly.

Anyway I just wanted to log my experience playing at my peak. I got through 80% to 90% of the song Crystallized and only failed very close to the end.

Written by JustMegawatt

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