Jan. 27, 2021

Got Rank 2

1:31 AM

So I went to lie down to go to sleep at around 12:30 AM, around there, but my mind just kept me awake. I'm feeling so alive and so excellent, so many thoughts running through my head. I had good some thoughts and ideas about contacting a female friend and asking them to join the site, and it would be like the good ol' days. I imagined they'd get on the site, start using it for a while, and then they get Beat Saber too and we play together and basically have a fairy tale-like good time.

I had these same kinds of thoughts before in lots of other areas. Anything extremely positive such as the ideas I was having tonight, I will now just denounce. I've made decisions based on these kinds of positive thoughts before and they turned out badly. Not disastrously bad, but they weren't the ideal moves I thought they would be.

Anyway I'm feeling very awake despite wanting to go to sleep. It's probably because I took a two hour nap right after work because I was feeling tired from not sleeping enough the night before.

7:24 AM (of Friday, January 29th 2021)

So instead of contacting that person, I just played Granage and grinded some PVP points. I did this for around an hour, then went to sleep, and when I woke up I kept on grinding until right before work started. I did this enough times to get rank 2. I started from rank 4 from last night, and I surpassed Bio who was rank 3 in the leaderboards and was putting up a good fight. I gave him a 3000 point gap which is what it took to get rank 2 and I was so proud. Rank two! In the entire game!!! Wow!!

After that I took my daily photos, prepared some breakfast, which was rice and vegetables, and ate as work started.

Work was fairly normal. When is it not normal though? It's basically always normal. There's nothing I can say that's remarkable or different, which would be the same no matter what workplace I worked in or what job I had if I've done it for a long enough time.

I likely played Beat Saber a few times again today, I recall that I did and I was almost as good as I was yesterday at my peak, though not as good. I really was just in the zone yesterday.

After work I played Granage again and just grinded experience points in dungeons so I could level up. I think I achieved level 37 today,

Written by JustMegawatt

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