Jan. 30, 2021

My first journal entry didn't end up getting posted

As per the title, I guess this is entry 1.5? Anyway, it's Saturday, January 30th, 2021

These are some good things I've done so far today:

  • I attended this week's Saturday NSN online meeting
  • I kept conscious about interrupting (as much as I could, anyway)
  • I admitted that ADHD kicked in and stopped me from hearing most of Pam's mini lecture about Mount St. Helens to Pam herselt. I apologized and made a comment about how interesting I thought it was (which is true, of course!) and said something else about one of the things I did catch. I am planning to apologize to Pam on Facebook or Zoom, whichever ends up making sense, later.
  • I logged on to Habitica!
  • I'm working on the task lists, as well as the actual tasks
  • I suggested something that got a lot of approval/enthusiasm and is going to happen (watching Hamilton on Disney+ - Dalia and Pam both have that)
  • I am currently writing good things about myself (self confidence, yay!)
  • I am about 100 pages into After the Fire, a novel based on that horrific cult Mom told me about (Waco, I think) but goes differently. I'm reading it on Scribd, and am probably sticking to doing so on my laptop
  • I shared some stuff that got the reactions I was hoping for (wholesome/pun screenshots)
  • I'm going through my bookmarks
  • I'm going to brainstorm/write soon after posting this
  • I'm joining Habitica challenges - this time more carefully, keeping in mind how they'll interact with other challenges, my own added tasks, and my life in general

I'm ending this for now - I don't want to lose this one, too!

Written by doorwayseeker

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