Jan. 30, 2021

Wow, was that distracting!

Everyone takes internet "quizzes" from time to time; unfortunately, Buzzfeed is often the place people go, at least to start with - especially when they want something light-hearted/silly.

The next option is a Google search, which is different for everyone (especially if the search is for a specific quiz/kind of quiz/topic of quiz).

Today, I picked Google.

To my credit, I wasn't actually searching for a quiz; I was asking for goblincore. And despite knowing that quizzes are an absolute time waster - to the nth degree if you have any form of ADHD/its symptoms - the rational part of my brain clicked off, and my curious one lead the charge.

I have no idea how long I've been taking them, which I hate - although I don't have to worry about it OCD-wise, I'd like to keep that potion ingredient/spell component handy so I can use it the next time I see a quiz.

Technically, I did mainly do the quizzes for two reasons: digging into aesthetics for the eclectic one of my own, and saving pictures/the result of the quizzes (either in a new board on Pintrest or on my laptop itself) for inspiration/writing purposes.

That crumb of a reason led me where I am right now - sitting on my blue portable chair with my laptop, in the dark because my NSN meeting is two/two and a half hours gone.

I haven't even stretched today! As soon as I get to the result page of the quizzes I'm in the middle of, that will be remedied - along with turning on the hallway light. I hope I don't trip over something or bang my knee into the corner of my bed - spatial issues are another thing that heightens to the nth degree when I can't see anything; however, I can't get on with the rest of my plans for today if I don't turn on the hallway light.

I'm going to set a timer for five minutes, just in case I get bamboozled by my curiosity again.

Written by doorwayseeker

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