April 6, 2020

Zoom Time :D

I can't get up before 12.30 pm :'( It bothers me so much xD I have even reached the point where I asked my sister to call me and wake me up. It partially worked: my MIband woke me up well temporarily, but since I just layed in bed I fell asleep again xD My sister made fun of me. Makes sense. BUT WE SHALL TRY AGAIN TOMORROW :D Can you imagine all the things I could do if I also had the morning to work on :D? Probably not that much, cause I am lazy. But you know, baby steps :D

This afternoon I did my arm excercises (https://youtu.be/8qDDtm6BOfw) with Giulia B and my boyfriend today :3 We used Zoom to see each other and also because it has the "Share Screen" option, so we could watch the video and do the excercise together :3 We also peer pressured her boyfriend (Tonno) to do it with us xD We didn't really pressure him, more like we bugged him by say "Come on! COOOOME :D!" xD Poor guy :D After the "work out" we talked abit and then she went on to do her yoga excercises while I worked on my art excercises xD My boyfriend instead went to do another conference call with people of UO :)

It was a good day :)

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Hi again! ✨
Well, we have something in common, I read too "Tower of God", "Sweet home" and " My giant nerd boyfriend". I read too Unordinary, Adventures of God and Yumi's cells.
I'm not so good as I want with the draws, but, I'm gonna try to upload my next draw here
I never feel like something about me is enough to be interesting for the others, a best way to say it: I'm 99% fear 😅, I'm really insecure about everything in my life and about the others, and I'm really sensitive so this makes me feel nervous.
About the exercise, time ago with luck I made 7 minutes some day haha
This year I'm trying since February, I always try although I fail again, but I'm doing it better now, isn't perfect but it's something
I use three apps, and I have a clear routine, although the title of the apps can be something "meh" the exercises are fine, I don't feel tired easily, and I don't have pain usually. One for lose weight, other for the height, and the other because I want to open my legs complete and some day learn dance and be able to do acrobatics. These are from "Leap Fitness Group" and although I need to see ads to do other exercises, it's okay for me (I take the ads like a little rest haha)
I do the three daily, and I add one specifically for legs, another for the butt, other for the arms and the most hard for the abdomen.
I'm not fat, my weight is around 56 kg or 126 lb, and my weight is 156 cm, or 5,11 ft. But I want to be more beauty, for me obviously, and more healthy.
Why are you doing exercise? What is your goal?
I don't know if I'm forgetting some point about your answer 😅, I tried to remember the most part but I'm not sure.
I need to ask, so you use habitica or flip? What about Duolingo?
PS. Sorry if I wrote something wrong, my English isn't so good 😅

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Hello :D came by to say hi after I saw your comment on my entry. Damn you're an active one :o good going! But it seems that Zoom is currently facing security issues where footages were leaked online for anyone to download, do be careful if you're still using Zoom. I'm currently leaning digital illustration as well :D it was a childhood dream of mine to get a graphic tablet and draw digitally but kinda forgotten about it once real-life and assignments started I kept putting it off. I finally started watching Youtube tutorials for it.

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