Jan. 31, 2021

Quit Granage, Sayonara!

5:51 PM

Well that was a fun 2 weeks. I basically did nothing but play Granage non-stop and I got to 2nd place in the PVP leaderboards. I can't say it was a good way to spend time. I quit now however, because sometime in the morning the PVP rankings reset. I had 12,000 PVP points that just went up in smoke. This other player name Hancock, who was at the max level and I was one level below the max level so he kept destroying me in PVP, made a proclamation he would get rank 1 after the reset. Well in the first leaderboards He was probably 8th in the ranking, I had probably 4x more points than him.

After the reset I was able to get first place for a while, but then he overtook me and I couldn't search for any PVP matches while he was searching because he would just destroy me. Each time he destroyed me I would lose around 80 PVP points and he would gain that much, so it was disastrous for me to farm PVP points while he was online, and he's online all the time. So I got extremely frustrated. I blame losing constantly on level 40 gear, because he has access to the endgame gear while I was one level away from attaining that.

Also this guy called me a botter. He said I botted because my PVP score was so high. Fuck him, that piece of shit. I spent ~100 hours roughly grinding those PVP points, thinking they'd be there permanently and what I was doing was meaningful. Only to have them to reset and random piece of shit calling me a botter....? Fuck this game. I quit. I uninstalled the game and I'm not playing again.

I can see it now, one month later the PVP rankings reset yet again and me spending much more time playing this game a month from now. Noooo, nuh uh, not gonna happen. I'm not wasting that much time on something so temporary and unrewarding. Being ranked was a proud moment, being in the top 3 in the entire game. The whole game. But fuck it, I'm out. Waste of time. Not fun. Fuck this game.

7:23 AM (of Monday, February 1st 2021)

After quitting Granage, I played Beat Saber for a bit. Then I hung around Discord again since I felt like I had nothing else to do.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Feb 01, 2021

My friend was playing a mobile game and grinding for an event leaderboard when he got banned for botting. He was NOT botting, he just played so much and so efficiently that their software thought he was a bot. So he quit. A few weeks later they were like "we're sorry, you're not a bot" and unbanned him but it was too late, he was just like "fuck your game."

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