April 6, 2020

Help, I don't know how to use this website haha (Ayuda, no sé cómo usar este sitio web jaja)

I don't know how to answer to a person, I mean, a comment for him and that the person can receive the notification

When I see notifications, they disappear if I do another thing and I can't see that again

And, how I can follow or add someone? Or it's not possible? Why this page doesn't have a tutorial or something?

No sé cómo responder a una persona, quiero decir, un comentario para esa persona y que la persona pueda recibir la notificación

Cuando veo notificaciones, desaparecen si hago otra cosa y no puedo verlas de nuevo

Y, ¿cómo puedo seguir o agregar a alguien? ¿o no es posible? ¿Por qué está página no tiene un tutorial o algo?

Written by Justmeriem

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Posted On Apr 06, 2020

Right now, you can't follow or add someone. (But it's a pretty new site and features are being added all the time, so you could suggest it to @AYearAgoToday ) If you want to notify a person, you have to manually type in @Achaius (or whatever their username is). You also automatically get notifications on comments on your own journal entries/photos.

Posted On Apr 06, 2020

@Achaius thank you very much, yes, this place is very new, but I wasn't sure because I'm new too 😅

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Looks like i can't answer so I post it here. Actually, I'm from Germany, but it's not that far. Here I don't hear that much but I know the medical people are working hard and get a lot of praise. A lot of people are promoting to stay at home, but it seems not everypony listens there. We try to stay at home if possible and only get shopping (my mother goes for a walk with our little brother so that he can get out, but also avoids people). I also hope this ends soon...

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Welcome @Justmeriem ! Yeah the notifications disappear once you view them. We'll update it so that they will remain until you close them. Thanks for the help @Achaius

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

@Justmeriem @Achaius Alright the notifications should now remain until you click on the "X"! Feel free to tag me again if you run into any other issues, thanks.

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

I should read "Unordinary", but in general I want to read horror stories, but you can't find that many on Webtoon :) Like I LOVE "Sweet Home", but I will also check out your recommendations :3
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I use Habitica :D I'm doing the "write a journal everyday" challenge xD that's where I found out about this website xD Do youuu use Habitica ? What's flip D: ? I stopped with Duolingo, but I did learn french and german there xD It's just that the excercises get boring after a while xD What are you learning on Duolingo :D ?It's cool, don't worry with your english xD I also read your spanish translation on your blog to see if I understand it, just for fun :D

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

Ps. I don't know how to use this website either xD haha

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