Feb. 1, 2021

light rampant

Today's raid session was stonewalled by Light Rampant, which is notorious for its iconic levels of bullshit.

"Done this with four groups and it's four hours of bullshit every time," said Kan. "You know I love you guys because I do Light Rampant with you."

HGR drew us an explanatory diagram. I'm not even going to try and explain this one, but you can view it in all its glory below. It was actually very helpful.

After two hours of practice, newbie came to a conclusion about Light Rampant: "It blows."

"That's actually extremely correct, newbie," said Kan.

We're making slow progress. We can usually form a bowtie. We can sometimes do the cones. We're figuring out the orbs. We're starting to figure out the other cones. On two occasions, we technically cleared the mechanic since the rest of us all died but Dante survived via tank privilege. Prog! Prog! Prog!


A couple thoughts about dps:

  • We actually had a lot of extra dps on Iconoclasm. Our clear run was extremely messy: lots of deaths, whirlybird was a hot disaster, I think we actually used healer LB3 to save the run. At the end, with one healer dead, we were basically damage racing the boss and barely managed to kill it before we wiped. Despite all of that, we cleared with around 45 seconds to spare. That makes me feel better about our prospects on Shiva. Obviously the dps check is much stricter, but if we get a clean run we'll be doing much better damage all around.
  • I figured out another reason why my Iconoclasm uptime was in the gutter: voidgates. I'm so bad at voidgates. I compensate by figuring out the right direction asap and then literally standing still until the mechanic resolves. This is obviously not great play, but it's a problem unique to Iconoclasm. I should have significantly better uptime on Shiva.

Written by Achaius

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