Feb. 1, 2021

Don't Remember Much

8:56 AM (of Wednesday, February 3rd 2021)

Today is Monday, February 1st 2021 and it's the first day in a while I don't have Granage, a video game I've had open practically every waking moment even if I'm not doing anything on it and just have it open in the background. I immediately went back to my Discord habits. I caught up on a lot of information people have been talking about and I learned a lot.

I really don't remember today at all. What the heck did I do today? It was likely just another typical day that it's almost impossible to recollect. I played Beat Saber for a while today obviously.

I do remember what happened at work, and basically NW set up this testing server and database so I could play around with it and fix an issue they were having more easily. I wasn't able to fix their issue today though.

After work I was on Discord again, browsing and reading. There's so much information, I'm glad to have so much information accessible. However, I'm disappointed that I'm not able to read my homework reading assignments as easily as I am able to read pages and pages of discord chat logs. Honestly I'm here lurking and reading hours of chat content in Discord servers where people think I just left, but no, I'm still there, just not saying anything. I'm learning about a lot of new things.

Written by JustMegawatt

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