Feb. 3, 2021

Installed New OS, Completed Homework

8:44 AM

So I haven't used my new computer in a day or two because I uninstalled Steam from it and without games there's not much for me to do on there. Also I had screenshots of me in 2nd place in Granage but they all disappeared once I uninstalled Steam, but I didn't know they would get deleted or else I would have made back-ups. It really does make it seem like all that time I spent on that game meant nothing, it really all vanished into nothing.

Anyway I tried installing another OS again on this new computer and was able to get to the installation screen this time. All I had to do was wait around 5 minutes after the screen turned black, and then the installation screen came up. Previously I tried this dozens of times and when I got to the black screen, I would give up after like 20 seconds to a minute thinking the entire thing froze.

I was able to install it and I was very happy. The reason I bought this computer will finally be fulfilled, and I'll be able to utilize a good amount of that 128gb ram. Getting the wi-fi set up was troubling too though, it didn't work out of the box on this machine. There were some very tricky things I had to do to get it to work, but I finally got it to work after like 3 hours of trying.

I dropped out of one of my hard classes today because I procrastinated on working on its assignments and there were a lot and they were difficult. For the class I did keep, I listened to the lectures while playing Granage over the weekend and I was able to recall some of that information, so doing the assignments wasn't difficult for that class. I was able to complete the homework pretty quickly in under an hour, but I still need to work on completing homework earlier than normal because I procrastinated until the last minute again.

For work today it was a very slow day. I didn't have any new emails coming in the whole day, and I basically just had a few items to work on, but they were difficult to work on without debugging ability to which my boss said they'd get the local servers up and running again this week. I worked on that the entire time and played some Beat Saber every now and then, but it's so weird how quickly the time passes by even when I'm not doing much.

Anyway that was my day today. It was another normal day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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